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I don’t usually do this, but I decided to share this with you, guys. I submitted one of my favorite shots to NG. This photo is very special to me. Let me know your thoughts… What does this photograph say to you?…

I couldn’t write a long caption on NG, but I hope you’ll be able to feel, what I felt, when I saw this through my lens.

My life’s credo is – I choose to collect memories instead of things…

Well, this one, is a very special memory of mine.

Here it is —

Togetherness Photo by Elena Levon — National Geographic

You can also rate this photograph on NG site, share it with your friends and show it some love ) I appreciate all your feedback.


Lena. xo

ps –  Here is a full story behind this shot – Mzungu in the mud


The woman behind the lens…




Black Rose Of The Desert

21.Morocco - 08


Black Rose of the desert, was a name given to me by a fellow traveler – David Cifuentes – photographer and explorer from Spain.

Last time I ventured into the desert was in March 2012, for my 28th Birthday.

This time, the group was bigger…

19.Elena Levon Photography Morocco - 19

” Caravan ” 17th of September. 2012

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Mzungu In The Mud

running through Bwindi

On 25th of August I woke up early in the morning and headed towards dining area for breakfast.

Was going to need a lot of energy that day for my trek through Bwindi.

Got so caught up in a conversation with a couple of other travelers, that I didn’t even realize that my group had already gone to a meeting point for briefing.

Blood rushed to my face and panic to my senses…

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