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Wild Hearts Belong In The Wild

(to those people (women!) who complain about me showing my skin too much – get over yourselves! Nudity is beautiful. Woman’s body is beautiful. Nature is beautiful!)

As I promised before, here is the person who came up with the most creative name for someone like myself…

Our raw souls are tempered by the rawness of her soul the softness of her smile and the openness of her heart

This, Gaia This, Mother Nature This, all and everything is but a footprint upon the existence of the path yet to be trod and you, Elena, are The Walker of Dreams ~ Martin Shone


Uruguay is one of my favorite countries in the world. Yes, it’s the people, nature and the freedom, that ravished my soul.

El Galope ranch is one of those places, that will never leave you. When you step onto the grounds, you will never leave whole. The muddy soil, the warmth of the people who’s hearts don’t lie and the horses, who’s eyes force you to let go, will somehow, rip all your walls down. No matter how high you’ve built them up, they will come crashing down…

This is a land of love, pride and passion… this is Uruguay.

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Laglio Life

elena levon laglio como italy - 09

930 Habitants, 2 Restaurants, 1 George Clooney …

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How To Stop A Train


Things you will need :

* 1 train

* 1 cop

* 50% confidence behind your own words

*  20% art of persuasion

* 20% of acting ability

* 10% of immodesty

* 0% of plan (b) if (a) fails…

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