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Black Rose Of The Desert

21.Morocco - 08


Black Rose of the desert, was a name given to me by a fellow traveler – David Cifuentes – photographer and explorer from Spain.

Last time I ventured into the desert was in March 2012, for my 28th Birthday.

This time, the group was bigger…

19.Elena Levon Photography Morocco - 19

” Caravan ” 17th of September. 2012

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How I Spent My 28th Birthday In The Highest Dunes Of Sahara

with Jimi Hendrix ( yes, that’s his name .. ) on Erg Chebbi dunes.

28th blog post about my 28th Birthday

My 3 day, 2 night journey into the Sahara began early in the morning, 26th of March, at my favorite cafe — Imzzane Cafe

This was a last minute decision.. as usual & paid around $100 for this trip five minutes before departure..

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LA -> Morocco -> Egypt -> Turkey -> LA

seeing the magic of the world through my lens

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