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Infinite Nothingness


Hello my loves,

I hope these lines find you at peace, in love and in good health. I exist inside a very interesting time of my life right now. I’m in Thailand… but that’s only geography, really…

The silent place where my soul is has no name.

For the first time in my life, nothing really matters, like it used to.

It just is…

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Havana, My Love

Havana Cuba Elena Levon Floridita Centro Old Havana Photography Hemingway Hotel Nacional Habana Vieja - 028

 This is the real life in the real Havana. Havana before Starbucks and WiFi. Havana outside of your hotel grounds and comfort zones. This is my love letter to Cuba. Read the rest of this entry »

Russian Soul

15.elena levon photography moscow russia - 15

I’m a hot-blooded, métis woman of uncertain age.

Who is a nomadic, chaotic and at times dysfunctional home, to a fragile, Russian Soul ~ Full of flaws, absurdities, contradictions, insecurities and vulnerability. Brave, honest, compassionate and all or nothing. Often disagreeable, sometimes selfish and incredibly stubborn. But above all, it’s a soul that will never have a price and the one, a Foreigner will never fully understand.

In my opinion, the above paragraph summarizes The Great Russian Soul to a T. However, being Russian, myself, I would like to take you on a little journey…

A journey, into the core of this mysterious soul. One, that often hides, behind the curtains of obvious …

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