Honor your soul above all else,

Speak your truth,

Live your passion.


For years now I travel and live in places with almost non-existent wifi connection…

(it’s a wonderful life in a way : )

Right now this type of lifestyle makes it much easier to just publish one photo with a short story to Instagram, than trying to edit, upload media and publish a story here. But whenever I have enough time and good wifi connection, I will try to publish stories and photographs.

I get emails asking if there ever will be a book… maybe… maybe not… It’s really not that important… not to me.

But yes, maybe someday I will put several books together; one with photographs, poetry and notes and one perhaps will be a memoir… but memoirs should be written at a time, when you have nothing else to learn…which you always do… (or you have realized all that you wished for yourself and hope to somehow inspire others to live their lives to the best of their ability, regardless of circumstances) and I don’t believe, I’m there just yet… I’m still a student.


I also hope someday to sail around the world indefinitely… yo ho yo ho and many, many, many bottles of rum…


Travel Plans from Mid. of December and all 2018 —

All of Central America and the rest of South America that I haven’t visited yet.


Health update — After years of agony, I was able to heal some of the major health problems completely with natural remedies and the rest got much better. Will write more about this soon.


Some of the latest stories live here —







The latest crazy adventure was in Madagascar, where I traveled to solo and lived there for a month a few months ago.

“Dancing with the dead”… (Turning of the bones)
I did not just dance with the dead (with their bodies around the crypt) .. I (being a woman) got to dance with the heads of families on the roof of the tomb holding the flag of Madagascar .. It is not easy to find this ceremony, to be invited to one, become part of the family and especially be invited by the heads of those families to dance with them on top of the crypt… Beneath me in the tomb bodies and souls of 6 men and 6 women, danced and drank this life with me, with every hit of my cowboy boots and the heartbeats of 500 people, who danced around the crypt. Dust drenched in eternity of this “red land” traveled all the way to infinity and back….

They believe that their deceased family members, have healing and special powers. They ask for guidance and blessings. If husband and wife were somehow in different crypts, they are being reunited at those ceremonies.
Without tours, without guides, without a driver with a car (as a white person usually moves here) and translators .. I experienced this otherworldly Malagasy tradition from A to Z with Malagasy family (whom accepted me as their own) .. without knowing the language .. I slept with them on the floor in the cold without electricity (only 30% of houses in Madagascar have electricity), pushed the car and plunged into a real Madagascar, instead of the one that you are shown on the TV and sold in tour companies. After a couple of days, children and adults yelled my name from all corners of this village. I help people in poorest corners of our world, by living with them and giving my money to them directly, instead of hotels, resorts and mafia “Charities”. (17.07.2017)


PS – This ceremony is called Famadihana. If you want to experience this ceremony, do it now.. in 50 years it will probably completely disappear, like so many other ancient customs and culture around the globe due to mainstream religion.


Another unbelievable adventure of 2017 is how I became a “Captains Daughter” in the Philippines… (will be written soon)

I swam naked everyday with turtles and fishes.. (hired a local boat with captain and negotiated a 30$ per day price tag (cheaper than hotels and 3 times cheaper than tours) I camped, fished, said hi to wild monkeys and lived my own incredible “blue lagoon” life…. with zero tourists! Completely unplugged from “society” and truly free.


P.S – Go do something today, that you have never done before, do something today that scares you. Call your parents if you haven’t spoken to them in a long time, kiss a stranger, tell someone you love them, give someone a hug, look up into the sky, be grateful for your life and for all that you have, make someone laugh, forgive the one who hurt you most, love more, laugh more, live more… and don’t forget the rum… 🥃


Due to overwhelming amount of spam, (over 200k spam comments) and inability to answer and approve comments due to almost non-existent wifi connection in a lot of countries, I have decided to disable the comment section. Thank you to those who have left a piece of your soul on this site. Thank you for all the thousands and thousands of comments and hundreds of emails. Thank you for your truth.

Thank you for your support, love and laughter. Thank you for the joy you brought to me. Hope I am able to do the same for you. Hope the work that will be published here, continue inspiring all of you, my dear readers,  from all the corners of our beautiful world – From an 18 year-old Indian girl, who was inspired to leave her home country and pursue her dreams , to a 50-something year old woman, who is battling a serious illness and wants to try a more natural approach to healing. 

All of you, are my inspiration. And all of your emails, “thank you” notes, poems and artwork, worth more than all the fame and riches in the world.

You may still share my work that will be published here, on any social media sites and contact me directly through the contact form.

Let there always be a road…