Hope, Pride & Devastation

Enough!!! I have read and heard enough of negativity in the press about Argentina’s reaction to the loss in 2014 World Cup! Argentinians have an incredible soul and the ability to celebrate life, regardless of the BRUTAL ECONOMY they are FORCED to live in! I am proud to say, that I was there last night, with thousands of locals, shoulder to shoulder – dancing, singing and CELEBRATING LIFE for many hours. Unfortunately, every country has a bunch of arrogant hoodlums, who manage to turn what was an incredibly fun celebration of country and their team, into chaos and devastation. Very sad that a small group of angry and ungrateful people have spit into the soul of thousands, who gathered around Obelisco, to celebrate life and Argentinian spirit, regardless of the loss…

Here’s a quote from one commenter on yahoo that I wholeheartedly agree with –

“What is 100% sad…. is to read stupid comments written by ignorant people. I’m Argentinian, I live in Capital Federal not far away from the Obelisk. The group of people who started this (chaos) is the same group of people who never miss an opportunity to create any kind of chaos in any type of reunion or festivity or whatever. I was at home watching this on tv, and i felt ashamed, as every one else did. But what I don’t accept and tolerate is for ignorant people to put all of us on a same group: “Argentinians are….” No, we are not.

Not ALL Argentinians fans DID whatever. Yes… the Argentinians who were there, who belong to “barras bravas” (organized supporter groups of football teams, some have developed reputations for hooliganism) which again most of them have low education level and no respect for anything. But the other fans went with their families, saved money for a long time to be able to go to have fun enjoy and have a great time. Don’t put all of us in the same group. If you do, it’s because you are as ignorant and stupid as the vandals who caused this disaster, throwing rocks, drinking causing violence and destroying our country. And THAT’S something to be ashamed too.” ~ Maria Elisa.

PS – to those arrogant people and press who have been screaming about how “uncivilized” Argentinians reacted to the loss in World Cup — Dear GERMANY, you have 3 people who were KILLED and several injured and you guys actually won!!!


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