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Love or Fear ? — An Ode To Nomads

You know, I have really gave the “normal” life a try. But you know how sometimes you wear a dress, that is gorgeous, but it just doesn’t fit you best — that is the case here. It just didn’t fit.

I can try to pretend that it does, but you can only fool yourself that your dress fits perfectly only for a while, then you have to go to the tailor. Tailor does a great job, but something still doesn’t feel right, so tailor says “Sorry, there’s nothing more we can do to that dress, you just have to get a new one”. And so you do, but the story repeats itself. That’s what happened in my life…

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The Inconvenient Truth

Fijians – The Happiest People On Earth!….

 In that article they show you photos from resorts and tourist attractions – not the real life.

Read – Fijians only dance, play drums, guitars and sing at luxury resorts! A real Fijian life is different from what you will be exposed to at resorts. In overpriced resorts, with terrible wifi connection and bed bugs, they will smile at you from ear to ear, wear a flower in their hair and scream “Bula!” at you non-stop. 99% of people who come to Fiji, stay at resorts and take only a few hours tour into a local village, where Fijians, will once again put on a mask, smile at you, kids will be laughing and screaming at you/with you, they will invite you to drink Kava with them (a plant/drug that tastes like dirt and get’s you very high and mellow after 4-5 cups). Fijians only play on guitars and sing with you at resorts. They sing badly learned American songs and a few Religious Fijian (Jesus) songs while drinking Kava, of course. You sit on your tanning bed, everyone smiles around you, you take a few pictures of gorgeous sunsets and go back home, thinking – “Wow! I love Fiji! They really are the happiest people on earth!”

 People like me, will never get sponsored by Tourism Boards. Simply because when I visit a country, I dig deep — past all the fake smiles, resorts and tourist attractions, that boost Tourism Industry in that specific country. This time, I dove really deep… I am most probably (and will remain as such) the only non-local to have stayed inside a Local Village (not a resort) during the strongest Cyclone in history of Fiji and possibly whole Pacific – Winston, category 5 and survived, simply because I was lucky.

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Entangled Among Horses, Winds And Mountains

… I tried to find the truth of New Zealand.

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