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Love or Fear ? — An Ode To Nomads

You know, I have really gave the “normal” life a try. But you know how sometimes you wear a dress, that is gorgeous, but it just doesn’t fit you best — that is the case here. It just didn’t fit.

I can try to pretend that it does, but you can only fool yourself that your dress fits perfectly only for a while, then you have to go to the tailor. Tailor does a great job, but something still doesn’t feel right, so tailor says “Sorry, there’s nothing more we can do to that dress, you just have to get a new one”. And so you do, but the story repeats itself. That’s what happened in my life…

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I Am Free


“When they lose their sense of awe,
people turn to religion.
When they no longer trust themselves they begin to depend upon authority.” –
Tao Te Ching

If you understand the above quote, there’s no need to read anything I wrote after it…

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“Behind The Mask”

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