Fire And Ash

by Lena

You know.. I can’t have kids and don’t want to have my own.. so we’re good there.. life and me we’re good there… we shook hands on it, gave each other a wink and laughed. : ) No need for pity… My art are my kids… every photograph (in front/behind the camera), every poem, every painting I posed for, every story, every word, every dance… they are my kids..

I hope they will bring joy, laughter, maybe even help someone in a way or inspire.. don’t we all want our kids to do just that?… So here’s my latest creation… But I would never have been able to create it on my own…

Every kid I made was with so much love and passion. It’s foolish to make them without those things.. foolish and unnecessary.

We created this piece with my artistic partner in crime Dmitriy Komarov. (Dima)

I translated this from what Dima has geniously written in Russian and added some things of my own. Those who know Dima, will recognize his eyes in the text… those who know me, will recognize mine. Ain’t that something…


“…Once you stand at crossroads of uncertainty, drowning in the desert that is your soul, who is thirsty for water, will see a mirage… keep walking… be brave… one step after the other. If you’re tired of the journey and all unforgiving elements of it’s puzzle, trust the road even more… trust the journey… The road, no matter which one you decide to walk on or which turn you will take, will eventually bring you back to you… to the truth…home…”

“… The crumbling and disappearing civilizations, didn’t really disappear. Yes, the temples and palaces crumbled, the libraries got burned, along with the knowledge, stories and truth that slept in there so peacefully. This magic was carefully woven together with blood and tears of the souls, who still live within those stones, carvings and soil.

But you see… we are those civilizations that “disappeared”. Perhaps they got meshed, bruised, twisted and even “rewritten” inside our genes to a point of non recognition. But it is there… it is there… in you. 

I’d give a thousand Rupiah and more, so I could look into my great great grandfathers eyes!

You will never be able to hide from the truth… You will walk into a place or a building and get overtaken by this sweet longing… in that moment, you realize, that you have already been here . You have danced here, loved here, laughed here and your soul, once again, is able to hold the invisible string that ties you to the core of who you truly are.

No amount of fire and destruction will be able to erase the power in you, the magic in you and the love that holds everything together…”


Welcome to Cambodia…

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“So where is the devil now?.. ” — He asked her cautiously .. “Sometimes he walks beside me and gently holds my hand..” – she replied with such tenderness towards the question and his own soul, that he unknowingly took another step towards his own oblivion, which was seductively hiding within the softest fog of her silence.”

 October 2016 © Elena Levon.


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