by Lena


From salt to blood,
Within a cage, without air, within a silent agony.
Raging in lies and smiles of the past,
I served the purpose, her purpose.

It is her story, I was only a tool.
The pain inside without a cause.
Her cause, her pain, inside my nameless shadow.
I will be lost within the wind of sorrow.

My aching bones and shattered dreams,
Without a place and name.
Just a footprint of a soul without flesh, without a home.
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain, no one to follow.

Burning through the pages of a story, her story.
Destroying without regret,
To love and to hate,
To walk the plank into oblivion – that’s my fate.

My ugly beauty and beautiful ugliness,
My battered soul, my dusty shoes,
My tears and blood of my inner child.
My journey on this endless road.

We will dance barefoot on shattered glass, on shattered dreams.
We will be remembered and then forgotten.
We will kiss the tears of our unborn child.
We will rise like Phoenix, we will break free!

I will climb the highest mountain,
I will not look down,
I will not turn the other cheek,
I will not bow down!

One more step,
One last breath,
One last laugh…

I am free at last!


10/27/2015 © Elena Levon


The woman behind Phoenix …










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