Chris Botti and 14K Watch

by Lena

Chris Botti

Chris Botti wearing his 14k watch (google images)

I don’t usually write about entertainment assholes of Hollywood, but this time, I couldn’t resist.

This drunken asshole by the name of Chris Botti is a special kind of asshole.

One night he was so “in love with me” drunk out of his mind at the Mercer Hotel in SOHO, NYC (that’s his home ladies, if you ever want a 14k watch : ) that he was throwing at me all kinds of things – His hotel keys, his Tom Ford Jacket and his  IWC $14.500 pilot watch.

I thought he will be at least nice enough to call me in about 2 days.. He didn’t. After all those “I’m so crazy in love with you, I want you to have my key to this hotel whenever you need, this watch as a gift and my coat, so you’re not cold outside”.

It is NOT the first time a guy goes completely goo goo ga ga the very first time they see me. I have countless stories just like this one. I’m used to men (and women) throwing all sorts of gifts at me. But I felt sorry for this particular idiot, because he was drunk out of his mind and seemed like a very nice guy.

I was wrong about “nice guy” part.

When he didn’t call me after 2 days, I went back and left his things at the reception with a note.

He promised all sorts of things in early 19th of September, including putting me in Sting’s music video, who is his best friend. He didn’t invite me to a dinner to thank me for what I did for him or anything else… He texted saying “OMG. You are the best! Please let me make it up to you… what are you doing this evening?” (his text was full of mistakes and looked like, he was once again, in a drunken fog.) How the hell does he perform?? That’s what I want to know. Oh, yes, I forgot! Must be all those pills he takes! They all do…

After I texted him back and told him my plans, he just kept silent and blowing me off when I texted or called in the next week or so.



Turns out he’s also an ex of Katie Couric (Seriously, Kate? These are the kind of assholes you dated??!), who complimented me a few days before, on the way I looked at the Fashion Awards, at NYFW.

I was at the Mercer Hotel for drinks on 18th-19th of September, fresh from all the Fashion Week craziness in NYC.

Elena Levon


Was there for a quick drink with (as it turned out) yet another Hollywood Asshole by the name of Russell Simmons, who pretends to be all nice and into yoga and health, but in reality the most disgusting and abusive motherfucker in Hollywood.. He is the most abusive pig towards women. (I feel sorry for all those chicks who actually were in long-term relationships or a wife with this fuckhead) The only reason he didn’t rape me was because I mentioned my brother and my Russian Mafia friends. After I told Russell to go fuck himself, Chris Botti shows up all in love, with a puppy-like look.

<> on September 17, 2015 in New York City.Both of them are idiots with a capital I!!! Cause if they were smart, I would not have been writing this.

A mutual friend of ours (whom I won’t name because he’s a cool cat and tells it like it is), asked me to not take it personally about Russell’s abuse towards me… too bad… I did.

Guess where you, your number and your self-loathing book is at, Russell… that’s right! In a custom-made place for cunts like you – TRASH. Just cause you have millions, don’t think you can abuse women and get away with it. I know and have dated men who are countless times wealthier than you are and they are very classy men, from start to finish.

All you are is a self-admiring, disrespectful thug. You know what they say? Once a thug, always a thug. You can take thug away from the streets, dress him in idiotic rap clothes and teach him how to throw a “peace sign”, but you can never teach him true class, style and respect.

And please, do us all a favor! Will ya? Go invest some of that thug money of yours, in a god damn speech tutor, you sound like an imbecile.

I -am-not-really-a-bitch-I-just-play-one-in-your-life

So, my darlings…

If you ever given a 14.k watch by a drunken Hollywood asshole… Keep it!! Because they won’t even invite you to a dinner or concert as a “thank you” for giving it back and not take advantage of a situation.

Feel free to share.

What are your thoughts?

Would you have given those watch back, knowing that the drunken asshole above, doesn’t remember a damn thing about the night?…

Seriously though.. this industry is so fucked up in too many ways.

I don’t need those sleezbags… I’m already living the life of my dreams… without them and without selling my soul!


The woman behind the watch …









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