Bullets That Save

by Lena

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I am sharing this, because I want to help people who are suffering with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), prediabetes, Metrorrhagia, Endometriosis, Anemia, Diabetes 2, Pre-cancerous cells, Cancer, IBS, Thyroid dysfunction, Lymphatic Dysfunction.

Health update (DECEMBER 2017) — After years of agony, I was able to heal some of the major health problems completely (after exposure to a couple of vaccines that were given to me in USA in 2011 and 2012) with natural remedies and the rest health problems got much better.

Things that healed me  —

 Important — (!!!You are an adult, over 18 and if you’re not over 18, you shouldn’t be reading this site. Do your own independent research and make your own decisions. Do not rely on anything you see written or said about the subject of health. It is your health, so take responsibility for your health and well-being like I did and stop relying on “doctors”, “system” and articles that you read online… Do your own independent research and make your own decisions if you truly want healing!!!)

  1. Boron (that is labeled as poison by the system) / “Borax”. Research benefits of boron and how it can cure things.
  2. Black Seed Oil
  3. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (best one is from Philippines) for cooking and skin care, only natural hand-made soaps for skin and hair, no shampoos or any synthetic creams, no synthetic cosmetics, not drinking tap water and cutting red meat out of my diet. I only eat wild caught fish (as much as I can) and wild caught meat (sometimes not on regular basis)
  4. If you can not eat it don’t put in on your skin.
  5. Apricot seeds (B17 that is also banned), Turmeric and Chloroxygen.
  6. 30-40 days eating only uncooked foods… (and I do mean NOTHING cooked in any way) going completely raw for a month or more, no coffee, no alcohol, no teas with caffeine.
  7. Doing what I love, creating and dancing this life no matter what.
  8. Collecting memories, instead of things and leading a nomadic life 9-10 months of the year and sharing joy, happiness, tears, laughs and love with people in all corners of the world.
  9. Forgiving myself and people who hurt me most and writing down the date that I will be healed. Writing down things that you want in your life, will bring them to you. Write down your dream life. Right now… go write your wishes down.
  10. Asking for forgiveness (and forgiving in the process) even of those who’ve done wrong by me and letting go. (it’s a process)
  11. Spending time with nature as much as I can, with people that I love and not watching “news” or TV since 2008.


There is a WAR ON HEALTH and you gonna need bullets that save…

Before you go ahead and remove ovaries, uterus, breasts and any other part of yourselves and poison yourself with “pills and chemo-therapies”, please consider a different approach. You can still do those things, but please don’t rely 100% on western medicine, corrupt doctors, medical system and FDA approved lies – They don’t care about us.

From the above 11 diseases, I have/had 8 of them. You can also throw in hyperhidrosis to those 8. Pharma Mafia has made me go through procedures and surgeries that were not necessary, but they sure as hell brought them profit. They gave me “medicine” that made me suicidal and gave me even more grief with their terrible side effects. What is it with our world today? That people like Angelina Jolie (whom I used to love and respect)


promote mutating women across the globe because of some gene, that can potentially cause cancer! (Mutation of women is being promoted across the border in order to make billions of dollars. That’s the truth!)

Don’t you think there’s something really wrong with that? Her mother died of cancer. Ok. So has my father, grandmother and a bunch of others in my family. My mother has diabetes, PCOS and 3 strokes under her belt, so does that mean I have to go ahead and get a hysterectomy at the age of 31?

I can bet my last penny that if I did tests to find out if I have that gene, they’ll tell me “yes you do!!”. Now let’s cut those tits off and your uterus, just so no one feels left out. Shall we? IT’S SCARY HOW MANY PEOPLE BLINDLY AND WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT TRUST MEDIA AND EVERYTHING THEY ARE BEING SOLD! Means that if Jolie jumped off the building and said she could fly or become immortal by that action, millions will jump! Scary sh*t times we live in!


Don’t you think that maybe we can promote other solutions, to our global problem of unhealthy and sick people? But you won’t see people like Angelina Jolie promoting Natural Healing solutions. Ever! That will not bring them money and that will piss off a lot of people who are making billions off of your blind faith in profit-driven business people like Jolie. Are you starting to see the whole picture yet?

I no longer support any so-called “non-profits”.

Hysterectomy was the answer that I heard from many ‘doctors’ and people who have happily mutated themselves and speak of it so freely, with so much pride, as if they’re talking about getting a new kick ass haircut! They will encourage you to do the same! When someone is encouraging you to mutate yourself, get a round of chemo, without even a second opinion or a look into different, natural options, you have my permission to show them the middle finger! The side effects of those chemicals and mutation are scary. And they might not hit right away.. they might hit somewhere down the road… or they might not. But I don’t want to take that chance. I have had my share of dealing with Western approach and Pharma Mafia and I have one thing to say to them –

F*ck You!

This chick is gonna die with all tits, uterus and ovaries in tact!!!

Got that?!!!

I am going to do it my way! I am going to get healthy naturally! With a change of diet (don’t like that word, because it has word “die” in it.) Let’s start again ~ I am going to get healthy with a change of mindset, foods and drinks that I put in my body, herbs, natural remedies and exercise.

No, I don’t always look LIKE THAT

(to look like that for a woman with PCOS takes a lot of strength, persistence and courage)

PCOS-PALEO-DIET-polycystic-ovarian-syndrome-natural-cure-heal-naturally - 3

Sometimes I look like that… (while eating tiny bird meals even for a month straight. Later I came to conclusion, that it wasn’t about how much I ate, that mattered… It was what I should have stopped eating.) I am not embarrassed to share these photos, because I’m a true rock star and rock stars don’t give a damn!

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” ~ Gore Vidal

We’ll see how many of you actually read what I write and not just look at photos. Because from the photos it looks like I am sooo definitely prego.. doesn’t it? It would be hilarious to get a “congratulations!” comment. : )

Anyway, this is how I look sometimes. Yes, its pure hell. I am a skinny gal and then, I get this by 7-8pm at night…

I also have thinning hair, that falls out rapidly if I don’t take care of it.

(Yeah, ain’t life is a delicious box of chocolates! One day, you’re donating 17 inches of naturally gorgeous, healthy, curls to cancer patients and years later, you’re the one in need of some extra volume…)

Here’s my self-tried and proven solution for women with PCOS, who are loosing hair and getting acne ~


Research on internet full list of benefits of this miracle oil.

Eat it, cook with it (You can use 1-2 table spoons, once or twice per day) (helps with digestion and skin problems), use it as moisturizer and use it as weekly masks for your hair. Put it on your hair (make sure your hair is all covered in this oil), massage it into scalp, cover with shower cap for 2 hours or the whole night and see what happens. (if you go to dry sauna, that’s even better, your hair under shower cup will get a hair treatment worth 200-300$ or more in some salons). I’ve been doing these masks for years, I don’t go to “beauty salons” that damage your hair even more and rob you blind. (This Oil is why I still have any hair at all) Can you imagine how much money you will save with this natural healing remedy? Your hair will begin to grow fast, be thicker and healthier! Your skin will be rid of acne and other “wonderful” stuff. Consume it daily and put it on your skin, instead of poisonous “beauty” products!

See how your skin will look after a few weeks!

I usually wear zero makeup. This oil is my only moisturizer/cream/tanning lotion etc. I do NOT wear foundation. I hate it! When I do wear makeup, it’s only black eye pencil and/or red lipstick and extremely rarely dark eye shadow when I really want to go crazy… (That’s all I have in my makeup bag, ladies.) But I try to NEVER wear anything else on my face! If you keep your skin/hair/nails healthy from within, instead of putting on an expensive “band-aid”, you won’t need anything else either.

Yes, I do understand that I would never be a spokesperson for billions of dollars “beauty” industry. Know why? I’m bad business for those assholes. I’m allergic to bullshit!! And Bullshit is what this whole damn “beauty and fashion industry” is based on. Whoever sells a better bullshit story, gets a fancier paycheck. There you have it folks.

If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!!!

Here are 101 Uses for Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Coconut Oil.

After years of hell-ride from American System and the way they deal with illnesses, I started researching like a maniac.

So here’s my very own 10 poisonous bullets, with which I am destroying all the sicknesses and diseases that were caused and made worse by 10 years from consumption of unhealthy American food, the sold out “doctors”, who turned my life into hell and the Pharma Mafia.

1 bullet for each year…

1. – BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MUCH POISON IN AMERICAN FOOD, SWITCH TO -> PALEO LIFESTYLE, & RESTORATIVE YOGA that is filled with poses that targets specific problems. I have already savored the absolute best foods that are not recommended for Paleo life, while traveling and eating my way through Italy. I can already see huge difference in just a week after cutting out a lot of foods and drinks that are not healthy! TRY TO GET ACCESS TO CLEAN WATER! Especially for those with hormonal problems! (Gentlemen, you are not immune to this either) Guess which countries banned fluoride in their water! Why do you think they did that? There are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined. Think about that for a sec!

Use water filter or get spring water. Don’t drink tap water in USA!!!

Drink warm water before every meal! We mistake thirst for hunger most of the time! Every morning start with a big glass of warm water with added lemon juice – It flashes toxins out. Every time you are hungry, drink a glass of water, wait 15-20 min, if hunger passes, it was thirst your were feeling, not hunger.

Research more about Paleo

2. CHINESE HERBS/TEAS FOR ALL KIND OF DISEASES (try to get those that are sold outside of US)

3. ACUPUNCTURE (Helped me many times)

4. REFLEXOLOGY (Helped me many times)


6. VITAMIN B17 –  EVERYTHING approved/banned by the FDA should be questioned and researched! For instance, Vitamin B17 and it’s miracle healing properties (Cancer & others.. Research where you can get REAL SOURCE of B17 for cancers, pre-cancers and other illnesses.) here are some REVIEWS FROM PEOPLE EATING BITTER RAW APRICOT SEEDS.

If you can find real source of Vitamin B17 outside of US, that’s even better. Research the products that are available around the world and decide which is better for you and your family. Why do you think book “A World Without Cancer” was banned?…

Please do your own research about B17 and make your own decisions.

7. MANUKA HONEY FROM NEW ZEALAND (Do your own research to know exactly how much you need to have it)

8. EXTRA VIRGIN COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL (Buy the one that is from Philippines), COCONUT WATER, ALOE VERA (Liquid form. Drinking it helped me a lot with different issues)

9. STOP SMOKING (was 6 years smoke free, relapsed in Cuba, now doing it again.) AND CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL

10. RESTORE OXYGEN TO YOUR BODY ~ Proper breathing techniques, yoga and food. I also use CHLOROXYGEN (liquid)


I would like to add 11th bullet. Because lists of even numbers, such as ’10’ sounds too popular and visually acceptable.


Speaking of traveling and ‘dancing’ ~ I will be selling all my furniture and things accumulated in the past decade, packing a backpack, spending my Winter in Australia and New Zealand, then off to Asia and so on… Indefinitely. Someday soon I will publish my poetry. Maybe even a memoir. (But I think it’s still too early for a memoir. I have so many more things left to do and experience.)


Trust me, if I am told today that I have 6 months or less to live, I won’t be purchasing a round of chemo and chopping my tits off.

Got that America?

I’d rather buy a one-way ticket to India, Tibet, Bali or Amazon.

Spend those months with traditional healers and dance topless under the moon!


What natural remedies have helped you?

 Please feel free to share this story with anyone. Please let me and readers of this site know, of other natural options that have worked for you, your friends or family. Thank you.




The woman behind the bullets …









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