I Am Free

by Lena


“When they lose their sense of awe,
people turn to religion.
When they no longer trust themselves they begin to depend upon authority.” –
Tao Te Ching

If you understand the above quote, there’s no need to read anything I wrote after it…


We are taught and brainwashed since the beginning of time, that we can not criticize religion or we all go to hell.

All books and laws are man-made, so they can sit on their golden thrones and palaces, hiding behind man-made golden symbols, idols, statues with diamonds and man written books. They gave us obsessions with “wealth”, “power” and “fame” (all illusions). They have us worshiping idols – statues, actors, sport figures, singers, kings, popes, presidents, systems etc.. They thrown us worthless (“global banking system” and “federal reserve”) pieces of paper, while stealing all our gold.

They created differences, in order to divide us. They told you that “faith”, “church”, “symbols”, “labels” and only “their law and word” can not be questioned. Your critique and not believing, will be punishable and is considered unholy.

They all made mockery of what god creator, energy (or whatever name you want to give it) really stands for.

You know what I see in those pictures? I see Emperors in disguise.

These Emperors and ALL other “holy men” hiding behind religious cult made with their own hands, smothered in gold in their ENORMOUS palaces, who sit on thrones, are the biggest scam artists on the planet.

If they were actually wearing modest sandals, a modest robe, no jewelery and lived in a small shack in a desert, while preaching goodness and vow of poverty, didn’t molest kids, helping sick and poor, trying to heal the world with their actions, instead of words, I’d join them. I’d actually consider kissing their hands and feet, for such love towards all living souls. These are your Emperors, right there, on their golden thrones! Don’t worry, you’re not alone, even “presidents” do it, with a sense of immense honor… you’re in good company.

“People are “followers”. A fairly good example is “Mob Justice”. If a thief is caught in public red-handed, the “mob” instantly want to punish the thief. When one person beats the thief, the rest “follow”. It’s like monkey see, monkey do kind of thing.

Decades of black deeds with violent measures of control brought upon the simple minded people, by means of fear, torture and submission with a word called “heresy” coined by the catholic church, led to the cleansing of the so called “witches” that questioned religion with logic and expected rational explanation. A fact is that people back then were “free thinkers”. During that period a wave of genocides in the name of god took place under the guidance from catholic church that was of tsunamic proportions. People of all ages irrespective of their physical state were burned alive at the stake for being free thinkers!

After a considerable amount of fear was brought upon the people, the “Acceptance of Christ” took shape and the people started “following” the Christian religion. But now Christianity is “polished” like a old shoe is polished to hide the creases and no one wants to speak about it and even if someone speaks about the ugly acts performed by the church in the name of god, the answer is ” Oh, but we humans were uncivilized back then!”

Those in power can control the media and show a false path, a fake identity, but they cannot control our inner learning self.~ G. T.

Pope (“Papa” in Russian) means “father”, didn’t “God” say “call no man “father” ? Just my 2 c on the whole subject of papacy and other “holy” actors around the world.


I got some emails and messages saying that they felt I was attacking Catholic Church. I’m sorry, allow me to elaborate on this a bit more. As I said earlier ALL organized religions stink so bad. (even so-called “atheists”)

If You believe in a dude by the name of Jesus, then you should know better – He was the one who preached against organized religion, he preached against all those priests, in their palaces smothered in wealth, while their 99% of people are in poverty or near it.

Mother Russia Santa Clause with his 30k watches, 4 million dollar yacht, private jet, palaces all over country and very expensive private cars with security escort, while most of his country is in poverty.

Here’s Tibet’s very own Santa, his palace and poor people who live around it.

They live in every “religion” and they are all just a bunch of thieves and hypocrites.

To divide and conquer, with fear, guilt and hate is terrorism. ALL religions do this. As a matter of fact, all “ism” ending ideologies are mass control tools, with a few minor differences, here and there, yielding the exact same result – chaos, hate and  fear – that’s their true trinity. Think about those things and who really benefits from them. You and I, don’t benefit from them.

They came outright and told you, that history repeats itself. But they knew, that most, will be asleep. We are obedient, part man, part robot slaves. (soon to be only robots) Millions of mindless slaves, snap pictures of their butts in a gym/beach outfits and every french fry they eat, in order to post on their vanity fueled websites. Keep shopping (diamonds, big brands etc, are all worthless.It’s all one big marketing scam that you swallowed up)

Keep eating more food than you actually need, keep snapping pictures of your adorable shoes, bags, cars, houses, labels, animals, kids, lips and tits, 100 times per day and not being able to construct a sentence, without a parasitic “like” between every spoken word. Keep looking down on your iphone screens, when crossing a street or sitting at a bar and never making eye contact or conversation, with any REAL living, breathing soul.

Generation of “smart” phones and dumb people – “Like, oh, wait, let me, like, take a selfie, like now…oh, look, 10 people liked it already!, I’m soooo liking this!”… while your jeans are tied with belts around your knees and your Botox and silicone filled parts of meat, making you into a monster-looking creature. It’s embarrassing to see the state our “entertainment and music industry” is in today. I want no part in it.

They want us just healthy and smart enough to keep slaving for them, for fake and worthless pieces of “money” and just sick and dumb enough to keep filling their pockets.

Wake up.

 Your fear and hatred are their power. Stop making them powerful with your own actions, thoughts and emotions. If we wake up from their hypnosis and no longer feel hate or fear of/for anything and anyone, they lose. They will lose big time. They’re only kings, because we made them kings. Think for yourself, be different, be interesting, spend money exploring the world and making soul connections, instead of buying yet another gadget or any other material thing.

Take responsibility for your actions, emotions and thoughts. Take back your mind. Live with your soul and eyes wide open. Love yourself. Love others. Forgive yourself and everyone. Forgiveness, love and laughter are the best cure. Speak your truth. Future and Past doesn’t exist. You have only now. Be happy now. Happiness is a choice. “Owning” anything is an illusion. They sell people the illusion, that we have a choice of who becomes our “president(s)”. We don’t. It’s all a trick, guys. They are all just magicians and actors.. (crappy ones, at that) .. now you see it, now you don’t. It’s all a manipulation of our minds and emotions. That’s all it is, really.

“It’s a small club, and you’re not in it” – George Carlin

 There is no law that says you must pay taxes, but if you don’t, you go to jail. Freedom? Are you kidding me?

You “paid off” your car and house? It’s “yours”? You have to pay taxes for the rest of your life or they will take it from you. They want you to have the “illusion” that you own something. You don’t. You rent your whole life from them – When you purchased your home, it lists you as the tenant, not the owner. Just like the rest of the world, people own nothing.

The only thing that you do own is your mind and your soul. You can kiss that goodbye too, if you and your kids keep watching TV, keep buying beauty mags, following celebrity gossip, while your eyes are glued to your iphone. They made “paying taxes” as something “unquestionable and inescapable” like death. (“death & taxes”) That phrase is so deep within your subconsciousness (films, tv shows and news), that you don’t even realize, that what they are really doing is called theft. Everything is privately owned, from “federal reserve” to “federal prison”.

Seriously, just take a few minutes out of your life and listen to what this ex-IRS agent has to say.

(How come butt shaking videos have millions upon millions of hits on youtube and videos like this not even 50k? What happened to your minds people? Why are you so afraid?)

“Where is evidence that your laws apply?”

Don’t show me the money! Show me the law!

Voluntary Servitude = Slavery

Proud to be in the ‘army’ ? You are just another number to them, they don’t care about you or your family. Many, who’ve been to war, agree with me. If you don’t know how to solve a problem without a weapon, you’re very weak. Sorry to break it to you, but you are. Can you imagine what our world would look like if every single soldier (Soul Dier) on the planet refused to go and kill? But guess what? Not many refuse.

They were taught that “killing” and “being in the army” equals to being a hero. (plus they show you all the scary ‘terrorists’, that they create themselves by the way, in one way or another) They make it so hard to earn a living in their own country, that many men and women across the world, think that they have no other choice, but join and get paid money, plus become a hero in the process. Great offer, right? I’d rather starve, then pick up a gun and kill another soul. Even at gun point. They’ll have to shoot me first. I’m not afraid of death.

War should never be an option.

Any leader that supports/justifies wars is a scared little doll-pet, who gets thrown a bone, for good behavior.

“If a country is governed wiselyThere may be an arsenal of weapons,
but nobody ever uses them.” – Tao Te Ching

You think ‘1984’ was just some book? Surrounded 24/7 by surveillance, police brutality, encouragement to snitch on your neighbor or anyone else for money, media brainwashing and your very own “double speak” & “2 minutes of hate”, brought to you, by your loving daily dosage of “news”.


“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” ~ St Augustine


Where do you go to get a job? “Human Resources” … To them, You are a Human Resource, nothing more. A Human Resource, who feeds them and slaves for them. A perfect slave is one, who doesn’t know he is a slave. The moment when slave looses fear, the chains break.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ Richard Buckminster Fuller


If you step away from your own ego and shadow, forget everything you were conditioned to believe, you will see the truth. You will hear your voice, instead of theirs. Change your mindset. Look at the world from a different perspective. Look at it from YOUR perspective, not theirs. Step outside of the box, they created for you. They are masters of capturing all living forms in boxes and cubes – easier to control them. Break their cube with your mind. Throw away your TV. Stop buying into “their truth”. Seek your own. Don’t be afraid to be alone in silence. Silence is good – a place where your soul has a chance at speaking to you. They will do everything in their power, to take that silence away and fill it with their noises.

Don’t be afraid to sit with another person in silence and look into each others eyes. Stop Talking! Listen. Listen to your Soul. They made you forget who you really are. Throw away your TV (i don’t have one for over 8 years) and cancel all “beauty” magazines subscriptions (that are NOT about beauty, they are about telling you how too fat or too thin and uncool you are, it’s all about cold profits). Remember who you really are inside!


(please read that again)

You are limitless and fearless! They want you to feel self conscious, afraid, small and helpless.. always! You are not! Teach your kids, that material wealth, fame, materialistic things, will never bring them happiness. Teach them, that other people are not responsible for their own happiness and well being. Teach your kids the power of enough, not more. Teach your kids the difference between want and need. Teach your kids curiosity about life.

Throw away computer games, tv’s and gadgets. Give them a map. Travel with them. Teach them compassion, love and forgiveness. Get out into nature with them. Tell them, that their diploma (which they will slave for) is NOT a promise of success and happiness! Teach them what mortgage stands for ~ “death offer”.  ‘Mort’ means death in French, ‘Gage’ means offer or “Death Pledge” in Latin. Debt slavery, human death pledges, debt till death.) Teach them, that their credit cards, life insurances, cars and two and a half kids, will not bring them happiness. Teach them, to ask themselves what they truly want.

Ask every soul you meet “What is your passion?”,  instead of a robotic  “What do you do for living?”.

Stop saying “I’m fine”, if you’re not. Look at each others eyes … smile. What you see in my eyes, can not be bought. Even if all the wealth, power and fame of the world was thrown at me, in exchange for what’s in my eyes. Stop lying to the most important person – yourself. How you make others feel is the only true wealth. Everything else is an illusion and one really flawed magic trick. Learn the power of less stuff and more memories. “Security” is an illusion. They make big bucks on selling it to you… every single day. Do you feel more “secure” with all the cameras watching you 24/7?

“Planning for future” is an illusion. They make big bucks on selling it to you… every single day. “American Dream” or any dream for that matter, is also an illusion, a business, just like Santa, Hollywood and Organized Re-ligion – all of them have one thing in common – They steal your hard-earned money, with fake symbols and myths. It’s all, one big, mind control machine. That’s all it is. No bank and no government can come and take anything away from me… know why? Because all my life I was investing only in things they can’t steal. Time is not money! Time is free. Spread your wings!


They put us in a cube (apartments, cubicles, cars, tv’s, computers, iphones etc) and conditioned us to not step away from it, because outside is a very cruel and scary world, with some boogeyman, who wants to kill us all…. all the time! The name of boogeyman constantly changes of course, but the result is always the same – you stay afraid in your cube. Every self-respecting secret service agent, will tell you, (well, only if he’s high) that those, are mass-controlling conditioning techniques, that are used globally. Just like a rat won’t get off the wheel, if you shock her enough, when she stops turning the wheel. But here’s the thing… they know, that the rat will be so scared of the shock, that there’s no more need for shock “therapy”.. she’ll be turning the wheel non-stop, until death. Hey, no biggie, right? It’s a rat… let’s get another one, shall we?

“If hatred knocks at your door,
Greet it with a smile,
But tell it that it has come too late,
For love is already having tea inside” ~ Nasim Asgari

 Not governed by any entity, religion, symbol or man. I will not bow to any man-made myth. I am a permanent nomad, (traveling/living/creating around the world) artist, creative soul (poetry) and a minimalist. I represent no particular country and no particular ideology.

I don’t vote. (Silence is louder than a scream…)


I have no permanent home, no flag and no agenda. Will always dance to my own beat. I stand alone. I believe in free thought, creative mind and open soul.

Religion And Its Origins” (different perspective on all religions) Here are some thoughts of a priest – religion is about control

Had to add some George Carlin : )

I want everyone to challenge and question everything and everyone … myself included.

“I have just three things to teach:
simplicity, patience, compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and in thoughts,
you return to the source of being.

Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”  – Tao Te Ching


What is Freedom For You?


The woman behind freedom …








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