“Dancing With The Devil”

by Lena

This Page Contains Nudity


Black Widow

All my life I chased the freedom. I left behind all faith In God.

I was hungry for a different Kingdom, with a different kind of Lord.

I was falling deep within the chaos and did not want to return.

Bruised and scarred, but never concurred I stood fearlessly while being burned.


We both have sinned, lied, destroyed and cheated.

We laughed at fate and played with fire.

We stomped on hearts without shame and reason.

We burned the pages of our youth and ran on broken glass, undefeated.


One glance, one dance, one kiss, then Silence…

Who are you? Why now? Why me?

We knew the answer, we knew each others same scent of violence.

You and Me and the Devil makes three…


Both defeated, both are punished.

We are losing balance, our minds and freedom.

Our fear, pain, anger and bruises, all have vanished.

We have finally found our very own Garden of Eden.


I no longer need the freedom. I no longer need a name.

I no longer search for Kingdom and no longer feel the shame.

I don’t need to choose religion, I don’t need to play that game.

Now we only have the hunger and each other as our prey.


I surrendered to our chaos, to the color of our souls.

I no longer need the poison, I no longer laugh at fate.

I’m forever lost inside Inferno, there, I found myself and youth.


Have you ever danced with Devil?

Have you ever fallen through?


I have….


I found myself…

In You.

01/19/2015 © Elena Levon

Photo Credit – 2014 © Ramil Sitdikov Photography


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