A Cure That Doesn’t Kill

by Lena


Worried about gun control? Yes, of course, let’s demolish the Second Amendment and instead let the “Doctor”, hand us death, faster than any bullet…


Health update (DECEMBER 2017) — After years of agony, I was able to heal some of the major health problems completely (after exposure to a couple of vaccines that were given to me in USA in 2011 and 2012) with natural remedies and the rest health problems got much better.

I am sharing this, because I want to help people who are suffering with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), prediabetes, Metrorrhagia, Endometriosis, Anemia, Diabetes 2, Pre-cancerous cells, Cancer, IBS, Thyroid dysfunction, Lymphatic Dysfunction.

Things that healed me  —

 Important — (!!!You are an adult, over 18 and if you’re not over 18, you shouldn’t be reading this site. Do your own independent research and make your own decisions. Do not rely on anything you see written or said about the subject of health. It is your health, so take responsibility for your health and well-being like I did and stop relying on “doctors”, “system” and articles that you read online… Do your own independent research and make your own decisions if you truly want healing!!!)

  1. Boron (that is labeled as poison by the system) / “Borax”
  2. Black Seed Oil
  3. Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (best one is from Philippines) for cooking and skin care, only natural hand-made soaps for skin and hair, no shampoos or any synthetic creams, no synthetic cosmetics, not drinking tap water and cutting red meat out of my diet. I only eat wild caught fish (as much as I can) and wild caught meat (sometimes not on regular basis)
  4. If you can not eat it don’t put in on your skin.
  5. Apricot seeds (B17 that is also banned), Turmeric and Chloroxygen.
  6. 30-40 days eating only uncooked foods… (and I do mean NOTHING cooked in any way) going completely raw for a month or more, no coffee, no alcohol, no teas with caffeine.
  7. Doing what I love, creating and dancing this life no matter what.
  8. Collecting memories, instead of things and leading a nomadic life 9-10 months of the year and sharing joy, happiness, tears, laughs and love with people in all corners of the world.
  9. Forgiving myself and people who hurt me most and writing down the date that I will be healed. Writing down things that you want in your life, will bring them to you. Write down your dream life. Right now… go write your wishes down.
  10. Asking for forgiveness (and forgiving in the process) even of those who’ve done wrong by me and letting go. (it’s a process)
  11. Spending time with nature as much as I can, with people that I love and not watching “news” or TV since 2008.


Mr. President, trust this when I tell you, that my own doctor, FDA and all the processed foods in our super-markets, will kill me quicker than any gun ever will.

If you get sick in USA and your family is not on Forbes list of the most richest wealthiest (there’s a difference) and influential people in America… you’re fucked.

No cure for Cancer or AIDS? Bullshit. You just have to have the right last name to be cured. If people were given the cure, can you imagine the financial loss of chemotherapy “owners” , drug companies and all other organizations who directly benefit from your illness ? Probably billions.

Western “healthcare” industry is not interested in your full recovery, it’s simply not a profitable situation for them. Western medicine will NEVER give you balance and clear bill of health… guess why? Because doctors (who are becoming more like legal criminals these days) and billion dollar drug companies, want you just enough sick “all the time” to get you to come back and spend more money.

They give you a “cure” which can kill you faster than the original sickness.
Until you get sick, you have no idea how truly screwed up things really are with our healthcare system, here in US.

Unfortunately, I found that out in my early twenties. They performed several surgeries on me a few years ago that were not 100% necessary for my well-being, but they were 100% profitable for them. As a result, I have to deal with a lot of agony now. My system is all out of balance. Their answer to me? Drugs and chemicals and more drugs. They do help with 1 problem, but give you 10 new ones, for which you need more drugs and chemicals. It’s a never-ending cycle. It was designed to be this way on purpose.

I don’t even know what is worse now, the “cure” or the sickness itself. Those chemicals made my life a living hell and almost killed me… One of the side effects was that they made me suicidal… if that’s not scary enough, I don’t know what is.

I say, NO MORE! FUCK THIS! I’m no longer interested in your “cure” ! (my sincere apologies to people who are offended by reading the word FUCK, I hope you will survive through the trauma it has caused you)

3 years ago I was on a plane to Bali, not because of that hideous woman who wrote “eat pray poop” bullshit and who had NOTHING serious happen to her in her entire story, but because I had a real health emergency. Even best doctors in Beverly Hills, couldn’t help me.

In one hour and 20$ later, my body was 90% cured, by one of the best Shamans / healers of the island.

He knew exactly what was wrong and talked to me like I am not just a number, but a human being.

What scary is that flying to Bali to see a Traditional Healer, is 2-3 times CHEAPER than going to see a doctor without insurance in US. Even with insurance, it’s more expensive, because of drugs and treatments that are not always covered by your insurance. And you’re still, just a number to western doctors. They don’t look at your problem as a separate case, you’re just a number, you’re a wallet with cash to them, not a human being with a problem.

Western doctors have long forgotten about the Hippocratic Oath that they gave, cash is way more important than a human life, right, Doc?

How crazy is that? Think about it…

It’s cheaper and safer to fly across the globe and spend a week with a Traditional Balinese Healer, than to go to your neighborhood doctor across the street.

If you can, the donation is $20, if not, you give him what you can afford… now that’s what a REAL doctor is and should be… the rest, are businessmen and crooks.

Many of you think, that flying to Bali or anywhere else in the world is expensive… it’s not, trust me. It’s cheaper than you think. Book your own tickets through online websites like Momondo or Cheapoair and don’t fly on holidays, high season times or weekend. Same goes for hotels (Budget Places or Agoda websites) How much did your last shopping spree cost you? Or how about your monthly cable bill? How often do you get your damn nails and hair done?

My answer to those questions are – I only try to buy things at thrift stores, don’t own a TV and do my own, hair and nails… Buying hundreds or thousands of dollars stuff in order to look classy, stylish and expensive won’t work, if you don’t know how to wear a 20 dollar dress and look like a million bucks.

But let’s say you try to take on a different way of healing altogether and pay a visit to a “traditional healer” or acupuncturist in USA… It’s incredibly expensive! Some herbs alone, cost 200$-$500 for a month supply. One-on-one yoga classes in order to deal with your specific health problem are equally expensive in USA, acupuncture sessions are not cheap either and need many months of continued, weekly treatment in order to work.

After years of agony, countless sleepless nights in front of my computer and written material, I came to this one simple conclusion – in order to not die from the “cure”, in order to really HEAL and not file for bankruptcy, one must seek healing and balance elsewhere… OUTSIDE of USA. One must have a willingness to think outside of the box, willing to do research, have destination in mind, passport and faith.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing — On 31st of January I’m flying to Bali with a short stop in Japan and Malaysia, to see my healer/shaman/doctor Tjokorda Gede Rai (yet again). It’s the most sane and cheapest option of all presented to me at this point. The result spoke for itself 3 years ago and I have FAITH that it will again. He knew exactly what was wrong, without me even saying a word.

Amazing Balinese healer Tjokorda Gede Rai

Amazing Balinese healer Tjokorda Gede Rai

In 2010 I’ve only spent an hour with him… can you imagine what 7 will do…

What kind of Cure do you choose ? —

Option a) A doctor-businessman-crook who sees you as a number, who wants to run all kinds of experiments on you, because it will make him a lot of money. You’ll end up living in a room that feels like a coffin, surrounded by people aka robots, who DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU.

doesn't this room make you all warm and fuzzy inside ? ..

doesn’t this room make you all warm and fuzzy inside ? ..

IF you’re lucky, at the end of this “healing”, you’ll be sicker, more desperate, than before your “treatment” and financially, mentally and emotionally broke…


Option b) A Human Being who sees you as a human being with incredible pain. He wants to show you the truth about your illness and helps heal your soul, mind and body at the same time. He doesn’t need expensive tests done, because he knows exactly whats wrong with you, just by touching your feet and ears.

He heals with his hands, energy and knowledge, not with expensive chemicals that kill you. Only after an hour with him, you know, the healing has begun. You leave on your way to a total healing and maybe $5-$20 poorer…

And besides, you were surrounded by the most beautiful country and people, in a peaceful environment and the most healthiest foods in your life,

which cost 3-4 times cheaper than it would have cost you to check into that cold room with white walls in option A…

Those who say that there is no Plan B, greatly profit from Plan A or too brainwashed, scared and lazy to seek other options.

You know, If I’m ever told again I have pre-cancer like many years ago or even cancer itself, I will NEVER agree to buy me a round of chemo…

I’ll be buying a plane ticket instead…





The woman behind the words …