Food Love Barcelona

by Lena

8 months later,  Mr Bond and I, are back in our favorite city! Only this time, we agreed to just BE in Barcelona. No sightseeing & no running around. Welcome to my Catalonian life…

In order to really live like a local, you have to check out of your hotel room and rent an apartment! Top Barcelona Apartments is my choice and I can recommend them to everyone! No matter the budget, they have an apartment for you! I chose a place in a center and close to the Gothic Area.

Thankfully, weather in Barcelona was incredible and it allowed me to just relax on my balcony and sunbathe. In Italy, I really was unlucky and only had a few days of sunshine in one month. Actually it got pretty hot at times in Barcelona, unbearably hot! But I was able to hide from the heat on my very own patio, which also served as a natural air-conditioner, with its incredibly soft breeze. Even though, my place was right in the middle of hustle and bustle, it was peacefully quiet inside.

Also if you rent an apartment with a balcony, you can enjoy many romantic moments. Beautiful views of the city, candles, champagne and a Summer breeze…

I was also really happy that my attic center apartment was near my favorite restaurant in the whole world! It prepares THE BEST FOOD in the world!…


Daniel Rueda (chef-owner of Tapeo) was surprised to see us. Here is something that he wrote to me in the email a few months prior to my second visit ~

Thank you very much for the fantastic report that we‘ve done and congratulations for your blog …
You with your boyfriend you have a record of visits in four days, and I think it will be so for a long time 🙂
you are part of the history of our restaurant, as well as us yours!
thank you very much and see you soon. “

 And soon it was… We came to Tapeo for brunch and dinner for the next 5 days. We were not a part of the history anymore… we were FAMILY.

My Tapeo Family

Mr. Bond and I with our Tapeo Family ~ from left to right ~ Alex, Claudia, Jaier & Dani

Dani would bring us the food to our table and say “This is for family”. The food at Tapeo is a work of art and this is the only restaurant in the world for me, where every single dish was eaten to the very last bite. Mr. Bond and I left nothing on those plates!

If you want to savor not only The Best Tapas In Spain, but the best food you will ever try in your life, then come to Tapeo on your next visit to Barcelona! Tapeo is only a few steps away from the Picasso Museum.

Here is my favorite Tapeo story ~ One night when we were having dinner, Mr. Bond ordered prawns… When the most funniest waiter – Jaier, brought them to our table and saw us only eat the tails, he said “You know, here in Catalonia we eat the head too! You should take it by the tale and suck the head out, that’s where all the best stuff is..”. Without missing a beat, I reply with a pretty loud “I don’t do head!” … Nano-second later, I realized what just came out of my mouth… Needless to say, that waiter and people who were sitting next to us, broke down in laughter. Don’t think Mr. Bond was shocked.. he’s used to moments such as this one. Since I decided to live in Barcelona like a true Catalonian, I took his advice to heart.

When the waiter returned and asked how it was. My reply this time was “I really like head!” …

Tapeo Barcelona Elena Levon Tapas Best Tapas in Spain Best Food Spain Off The Beaten Track Travel Spain  - 12You know, I really don’t sit around, trying to come up with funny come-backs… it just sort of happens in my life… I say it first, think later. That waiter and all the people who heard me, will never forget this moment. When was the last time you heard a woman say “I REALLY LIKE HEAD” at a restaurant?

You know how they say on t-shirts “I went to ….. and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” ??

Well, I went to Tapeo and got the best “head” in my life !!  (wink-wink)

If you have read my last post about Barcelona, you’ll know that I wanted to see a “two-girl show” at a Live Sex Show joint. However, when we walked inside it was all really different. You can’t walk into the booth and insert 2 euros anymore. Sadly, they got rid of that booth.

Now it’s a room that you walk into, pay 10 euros for 20 minutes and watch the show live. You sit around the stage instead of being in a booth. I actually liked the booth better… Well, this time Mr. Bond and I were out of luck again.. We didn’t get to see two girls. We did however explored a near-by strip joint, with 1, maybe 2 some-what good-looking gals. We left disappointed… Maybe we’ll have more luck in Paris and St. Petersburg….

Mr. Bond and I slept till noon, walked to Tapeo for brunch and got lost in small alleys of Gotico Area. It is our favorite area in all of Barcelona. To our surprise we somehow stumbled onto a place we have never seen before. It is probably the most unique, mysterious & gorgeous door in the world! The name of this gem is St. Georges Door. I won’t tell you the exact address of this place. I want you to get lost in the Gotic Area and surprise yourself. Really, I have never seen anything like it. The palm print in that door, fits my hand perfectly.

The details of that door are staggering and the mystery is in the air. Can you solve this door’s puzzle?

The moment when you throw away your map and let yourself get lost, you find little gems, that are gifts to you from the place… treasure them. Barcelona wants to be discovered… layer by layer, wall by wall and alley by alley. Just sit down at a local coffee shop, breathe and let the city’s rhythm be your guide.

This was also the most festive of all times in Barcelona! ~ SONAR MUSIC FESTIVAL…

I was really fortunate to go to that festival for one of its nights and let loose in the chaos and energy of people, dancing, drinking and music! Sonar Festival is intoxicating, loud, sweaty and rebellious. But there’s also another feeling that hangs heavily in the air ~ LOVE … a lot of it… everywhere! It’s unapologetic, honest and free.

As a matter of fact, I was lucky enough, to go see one of my favorite groups live, for the very first time in my life – Pet Shop Boys…

I will never forget that night! I was standing next to the stage, rocking to all of my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs! Standing on the side of the stage, has its benefits… was able to see them first from the side, before the screen was lifted to reveal them to everyone else.

At the end of the night, even got to ride in the bumper cars… however at first, I couldn’t figure out where to put the coin, so I got crashed into many times before my car actually moved…

Since Mr. Bond is a member of a Jonathan Club in Los Angeles, we were able to spend a couple of nights at one of the most exclusive clubs in the world ~ Circulo Ecuestre It’s an unbelievably beautiful place. I felt as if I was transported back in time.

If you’re not a member, you can’t even walk into this place. But once you do walk in, you can see Rafael Nadal’s tennis racquet, from his victorious last match… Mr. Bond made a bid and who knows, maybe we’ll win it.

Mr. Bond and I spend one night at one of our favorite places in all of Spain ~ Sitges!

It’s a home to the most famous nude beach in the world, to founder of Bacardi, Facundo Bacardi, Sitges Film Festival, Sitges Carnival and to the most friendly and gorgeous gay community! I really love Sitges and if I ever buy another apartment, it will be here. It felt liberating being in this beautiful town ~ drinking my Bacardi & coke on the beach, sunbathing and swimming topless.

I’m writing this from Nice, France, but I can still taste you,


You, the food and all of your love!

I miss you, but I will be back!


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