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Wanted to do this for my 30th, but I’m too impatient… ( giggle )

When my heart is set on something, it’s hard to reason with it…

Yes, I’m a rebel! But a rebel with a cause…


There are a lot of non-profit organizations through which you can donate your gorgeous hair, to cancer patients. However, if you do the research, you will find out, that organization, such as Locks of Love actually charges kids money for a wig. I find it outrageous!

It takes six 10 inch ponytails to make a wig ( Locks of Love ) and eight of them that are 8 inch long. ( Pantene Beautiful Lengths )

I don’t want this post to be about all the negative sides of Locks of love or any other charity.

( please do your own research )

However, knowing, that family of a sick child has to pay for a wig, according to that family’s income level, is more than enough reason for me, to donate my hair to an organization that gives it for free.

The family is going through enough pain and trauma as it is. I know, because I lost my father to cancer.

To be honest with you, I was a bit scared. It’s natural …

17 inches of undamaged, naturally full and wild curls, is something every woman should be proud of.

But right now, I feel more “Woman” than I ever did in my life.

It’s an amazing feeling!

Even though my friends and especially mom, has screamed in unison ” Nooooo! “, when I looked in a mirror this morning, I said ” Yeees!! “

And another thing…

In a town, that has so many healthy, but plastic-looking women, with ridiculous hair extensions, it’s truly empowering to be walking it, my way

When I sat down with my hairdresser and explained what kind of a style I wanted,

she said;  “No, this is too old-fashioned! Let’s do the hip “messy & sexy Charlize Theron bob”

My reply was;  ” She is truly a stunning woman, no question, but I’m way too old-fashioned for that “

After the cut, the whole salon was in shock…

In the words of Holly Golightly ;

It’s useful being top banana in the shock department. “

One customer said; “Wow! This is such a difficult style to pull off and you nailed it!”

And guess what?

My look really did standout at this year’s Oscar After Parties

When I was a little girl, I tried my best to fit it… unsuccessfully.

Always an outcast, with my full lips that everyone teased me about and my not so Caucasian looks.

I was really insecure about my looks and shed quite a few tears.

But today, I am proud to be a woman, who dares to stand out and help another woman feel beautiful again.

Even if it means, I’ll be called “old-fashioned” …

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