by Lena

Fes, Morocco

Fes, Morocco

Must admit – I love trains!

For me, it’s the most sensual way of travel.

I always find myself being taken by the sound of the tracks, the scenery and the fascinating stories that trains hold…

It’s a place where I feel like the road doesn’t have to end. That this life on the road is both, my salvation and my curse…

My friend once said;

” You will always be everywhere and nowhere ” – D.P.

He might be right.

However, even 1 second of being lost in this ecstasy, is worth the whole damn eternity in nowhere…

Road is honest, it doesn’t need your flattery. It doesn’t care how much money you make, what kind of a car you drive and when you’re getting married.

It’s proud and endless. It will never judge you, based on your religion or color.

Road is a place, where my soul gets to sing…


The train ride from Marrakech to Fes is beautiful!

Trains in Morocco are really comfortable and the price you pay for first class is not much more than the other tickets.

One of the first things I did in Fes, was go out and buy some Chebakia… it is simply heaven!

Even though my waistline was not happy… I was!

Chebakia is one of the best Moroccan sweets. It’s a cookie with sesame and honey. A must try!

Met a group of gals from Britain, with whom I went to explore this narrow and mysterious maze of Fes.

As usual, had some guy following me around… He just kept walking next to us, while trying to proclaim his eternal love to me.

fes elena levon - 1

Gals were all laughing and kept saying that I should tell him to go away.

I thought it was great that we had our own personal bodyguard, in a city, that has some 10 year old’s slapping you on your butt. ( happened to one of the girls )

Fes is really beautiful. It’s very similar to Marrakech and very different at the same time.

What I will not miss, is going to see the tanneries. If it was not for the mint leaves, I would probably have passed out from all the smell.

Guess if you work there, you get used to it.

Crashing into a hammock was a perfect ending to a long day.

Gals and I were all relaxing on the rooftop and watching a very beautiful sunset.

However, as one of the girls was taking pictures of me, she sat on a glass table. Seconds later we all heard a very laud sound…

The glass on the table basically exploded…

I think everyone in the hotel heard the hysterical laughter coming from the roof.

Next morning I took the bus to Chefchaouen. It so happens that on that same bus, was another girl from UK, Lisa, whom I also met in my hotel.

It turned out that after a few days in the “blue city”, she was going to Tangier… and so was I.

Me & Lisa “clicked” right away. We laughed, shared food and talked about Morocco.

We didn’t make any specific plans to meet in Chef. It was a “I see you, when I see you” type of plan.

I said goodbye to her, knowing, that Life will do the rest.

It always does…


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