Blue Hour Flamenco

by Lena


Guess what!..

I got on the right plane!

Alex was right, they don’t speak English in Madrid…

But they’ll make you blush if you try to speak

“Flamenco” …

Alex told me, that no matter what, I must see Flamenco in Madrid!

As soon as I miraculously found my hotel, ( since my Spanish consists of 2 words ) I asked manager to tell me where is THE BEST Flamenco in town …

He called on my behalf and reserved a table for me. I was going to see a show ( drink included ) for 25 euros.

I thought “ok, he probably didn’t understand what I said, since the Best Flamenco in Madrid can not be only 25 euros”

But I decided to go with the flow and spend a few hours before the show walking and eating my way around Madrid…


this actually is a real person..

this is actually a real person..

This artist dedicated her act “To all the Ladies that silently created history.”


elena levon madrid - 1

inside a casino

inside a casino

this guy really scared me... when I didn't expect it he pushed the whole table with the dolls towards me.. everyone who saw was laughing pretty hard... for the most pat because of my reaction - really loud scream ..

This guy really scared me. When I didn’t expect it he pushed the whole table with the dolls towards me. Everyone who saw or heard it was laughing pretty hard. For the most part because of my reaction – a really loud scream ..

madrid spain - 03

the name of one of my favorite films is  …

the name of one of my favorite films ...

madrid spain - 01

madrid spain - 04

by the palace

by the palace



Blue Hour Madrid

Blue Hour

You know, sometimes when you don’t plan to come to a place and don’t bookmark all the number 1 places to see, from tripadvisor ..

you eventually waltz right into them…

because you have allowed yourself to get completely lost…

Mercado San Miguel

madrid spain - 08

Mercado San Miguel, originally installed outdoors in 1835 and is the only iron market that has survived to this day.

I walked in and had the Best Tapas in Madrid!

madrid spain - 07

those of you who think that tapas simply “won’t do” for dinner,

can try those 2 fellas right here …

madrid spain - 05

After a nice snack, it was almost time for my flamenco show ..

Have no idea how I actually found the place but sometimes if you meant to be somewhere, you’ll get to that place no matter how bad your Spanish is …

I crossed the street and bumped into ( no, not Alex ) an incredibly buzzled looking waiter of the nearby Bar La Terraza…

He said “I can’t believe a woman like you actually just crossed this street”

I replied with “I don’t believe in crosswalks”

We laughed.

He insisted I stay for a little bit and have a drink on the house …

Thank you, Felix!

madrid spain - 09

I said goodbye and continued walking towards a place, where I was told the best flamenco in Madrid is about to start …


small dark alley,

it’s quiet..

“did I get lost again?”

The best Flamenco in Madrid can not be in a small dark alley without a single advertisement board or locals trying to sell you tickets for those “last best seats”..

But then I saw a sign…



madrid spain - 10

madrid spain - 11

They allow to take pictures, but ask you not to record it…

And even if I was allowed to record a video of what happened in front of me, I would never have shown you…

This kind of Art needs to be seen, heard and felt in person only.

Those women and men left their whole life on that small wooden stage right before my eyes…

madrid spain - 06


Every single dancer and singer told me a story of their life, passion, love and loss…

They danced like it was their last time on that stage.

The thundering sounds of their voices and heels send shivers down my spine …

With every turn and every twist they bared their souls.

They allowed me to hear secrets that live deep inside their hearts.



As a photographer I would be stupid not to capture as much as I could…

However all I got was a couple of shots…

I was hypnotized.

As a professionally trained dancer, I can tell you, that what I saw was not just a dance, a show or art …

it was the LIFE itself …

Proud, Brave, Passionate, Honest, Unapologetic and Untamable.

At the end, all I wanted to do, was to approach each and one of them and tell them;

“Thank you for your honesty and bravery”

But all I could manage was to stare at an already empty stage…


madrid spain - 12


Yes, if you are in Madrid, you MUST come here!

Actually strike that!

If you want to see THE BEST Flamenco in the world, you have to come here!

As it turns out Las Carboneras Flamenco ranked # 1 out of possible 118 nightlife options on tripadvisor.

I had to go back to my hotel and try to get some sleep, before my morning flight to Morocco.


I lay in bed, remembering all the amazing things I got to experience in only a few hours…

The food, the architecture, gorgeous sunset, local artists, blue hour and the most intimate introduction into the hearts of those men and women at Las Carboneras …

I thought ” This probably is the most fascinating layover in the history of all layovers “…


And then it hit me…

” Oh my god! I only paid 25 euros!

How dare I!!! “



 The woman behind the words …

” Memories “

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