One Way Tickets

by Lena

In less than 2 weeks I will be on a plane to Uganda to see “Gorillas in the Mist” at UNESCO World Heritage Site ~ Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Will be traveling solo instead of the usual Overland Truck Tours that have become so popular with Tourists in Africa.

Even though there has been a deadly virus Ebola outbreak in Western Uganda, which led to 14 deaths in the past weeks, mass cancellations and several millions of dollars loss to Uganda Tourism. And even resulted in “no hand shake meeting” between Hillary Clinton & The President of Uganda…

I’m still going!

( Mr. Bond is worried )

W.H.O says that Ebola Outbreak is now under control, so I’m optimistic!

And besides, there will be less tourists! How can I say no to that?!

Will have a whole day in London before flying to Uganda. Lived in England for several years and have been all over the country, so might just enjoy the beauty of Hyde Park (hopefully it won’t rain) and relax after a long flight from LA. Last time I was in UK was in 2001. Traveled with my father to a conference in Nottingham as his personal interpreter…

This is me telling my dad’s colleague that Nottingham Trent University needs to pay a whole lot more of money-money-money to my dad, considering all the colossal amount of research that he does for them in a short amount of time. And because they will be using it for many years to come…

“how am I doing with my translating technique papa?” my dad on the right.

at the meeting with the “bosses” and professors of Nottingham Trent


In Uganda, will be staying in a small tent, right in the jungle ~ Nkuringo Gorilla Camp

This camp has one of the best views in all Uganda!


After my Uganda adventure will be flying to Morocco.

Yes, Morocco…

It got under my skin.

I miss Sahara and Marrakech!

Will be living solo in Morocco for a month. Mostly in colorful Marrakech and will travel in Morocco by train, buses and camels to Sahara desert, Casablanca, Fes, the “blue magic” of Chefchaouen and then Tangier.

Many travel bloggers / writers are too busy counting how many countries they can cram into a month, while checking them off from their “life lists”…

But can you seriously rely on an opinion of such “traveler” who spent 1 maybe 2 days in each country and passed through a bunch of them, in a hurry, inside an overland truck with other tourists?

I, on the other hand, imagine how many amazing adventures I’ll get to experience in a month time…

in 1 country that I fell in love with in March of 2012.

( Mr. Bond is worried )


From Tangier I’ll be flying to Barcelona for 10 days. Mr. Bond will meet me there .. ( he’ll be keeping all those hot blooded Spaniards away  : )

Have never been to Spain before, so I’m very exited to be walking the streets, taking in all the grand architecture, dancing and tasting this glorious city.

It will be a first time before my departure, that I will be asked this question — ” Do you have your passportS ? “

It’s also a first time that I will be traveling for a long time in the past 9 years..

Before you become an American Citizen you can’t be out of the country for a long time or you loose your eligibility of becoming a citizen and have to wait for years before you can even apply again.

In my first 2 years in US, I couldn’t travel at all. That was the hardest part, since travel is like air to me.


And here comes the most crazy part of my journey …

I’m going home

( wow!!! even writing this down doesn’t seem real )

I can’t tell you how many emotions are going through me right now and can’t even begin to understand the feeling I will have when the plane from Barcelona touches the ground.

After 9 years I’m going back to the place I was born in…


Most of my friends think I’m joking and can’t fully believe it.

And some, already making plans. They are making plans because when they went out with me back in the day, the whole town shook!

Just had a thought.. ” what a mind-blowing roller coaster this life of mine is!! “

I’m going to see my brothers, my almost a year old nephew, 3 of my nieces, one of whom only a year younger than me, who’s been already married twice.

She can tell me all about this crazy thing called marriage and why I need to avoid it : ) (although, think I’ve done a good job so far)

I want to go to my fathers grave. 1st of September 2012 will be 10 years since his passing.

I’d like to see some places in Moscow that we once visited together.

Will be in Russia for several months and Mr. Bond might even come to visit me.

For someone who will be on the road for months, I don’t have most of things booked and even don’t have a ticket back to US yet…

All of them were 1 way with a lot of room for surprises!

Missed getting one way tickets! It’s been a long time since I booked those and I can’t wait to see what road brings..

Thought of doing Trans-Mongolian adventure, but think it’ll be too cold and I won’t get to see all the beautiful colors of Autumn, Spring and Summer.

Besides, refuse to be stuck on a train non-stop… when I’ll go, I’ll be buying tickets individually and make sure to spend some time in the places I’ll be passing through, for maybe a few days.

I’m looking forward to riding the most beautiful metro in the world, walking in the parks full of golden leaves and palaces, admiring art in museums, seeing the most talented of actors on the stages of famous Moscow Theatres, seeing Bolshoi ballet in breathtaking Bolshoi Theatre, loosing time in the never-ending nightlife ( Mr. Bond is worried ), ice skating in the Red Square and getting lost in the history of this beautiful city.

Maybe even take a train to Saint Peteresburg!

Who knows where else I’ll go!

That’s the true beauty and freedom of one way tickets and unbooked hotels.

Moscow is not just about vodka, snow and oligarchs..

Moskvichi know how to flash mob …

The Russian way : )


PS. – I will also be taking with me a few of very helpful cards for theatres, museums, galleries, and places where a lot of laud tourists can be found  …


 The woman behind the words …

” Memories “

Internet Movie Data Base

Official Website