My Week With New York

by Lena

I really do love NY!

New York greeted me with so much life!

Rainbow of colors ~ Priceless Art, grand architecture, talented Artists of Broadway, delicious cuisine, mysterious Jazz bars, parks, lakes, history and character!

Have lived in US for 9 years , but never visited NYC until now.

I knew deep down that it would be very hard to live in Los Angeles if I’m ever tempted to taste The Big Apple.

I was right…

        I’m a city gal, after all, who also happens to be a night owl.

That’s why I felt very much at home in New York ~ Moscow has a very similar energy and just like NY, it never sleeps!

Los Angeles is too spread out and it’s not really a city, it’s more like a giant suburb.

Although they call it the “Entertainment Capital of the world”… it only has entertainment until 1:30 am and they stop serving food at 10 – 11 pm.

Los Angeles should be renamed to “Welcome to Industrial Capital of California, press 1 for English”

 Yes, the weather is warm ( for the most part ) in California, Mountains and The beach are great, but for someone who loves to walk as much as I do, LA can be a nightmare!

I have yet to see a sign like this one in Los Angeles .. everyone is too busy walking on their step machines inside sweaty and overpriced gyms ( to which they drove to from around the corner )

Lower Manhattan.

LA was build for cars, not people. New York, on the other hand, is the other way around.

Since I don’t want to drive, cities like NY were made for people like me.

Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I’ll be able to spend time in both – In the breathtaking nature of California and in Art, culture, nightlife and walk friendly city, like New York.

5th Avenue

I loved the fact that when it’s lunch time in NYC, people come out of  their offices into parks and share food with their friends and co-workers.

Bryant Park

” Love Boat ” Central Park.

“The Metronome” by Kristen Jones and Andrew Ginzel in Union Square. It has a secret…

Symbol of Capitalism ~ “Double Check” statue in Liberty Park.

I felt that in New York, you have a more personal connection with the world around you;

Be it while taking a Tango class outside, in Union Square or having a chat with a total stranger in a coffee shop…

Coffee Legend

Sharing your opinion with yet another stranger, on that “weird Art piece”

at The Museum Of Modern Art …

Michelangelo Pistoletto’s “Man With Yellow Pants”  is staring into a mirror…  I decided to focus on his face…

   I want to see our world as a place where all people & religions stand as ONE …

One of my favorite Art pieces in MOMA is the “Totem for All Religions” 1947. Wood and rope. by Frederick Kiesler.

In New York they don’t just talk the walk, they walk the talk too …

Museum Of Modern Art

You might also find yourself in someone else’s story, while waiting for that green light …

However if you’re a true New Yorker, you don’t discriminate when it comes to colors and cross the street when you feel like it.

And the most important thing about New York, is the fact that the whole energy of this magnificent City is not manufactured and then awkwardly glued together for some sort of display of ones vanity.

door detail of New York’s Public Library

Instead, it was naturally integrated into the proud and sophisticated craftsmanship of the buildings and passionate hearts of New Yorkers,

for almost 400 years…

The New York Public Library

Traveler’s favorite book is …

Grand Central Terminal

” I paid my Taxes ” sticker next to a New York businessman.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral & Atlas Statue

The Big Apple

Tiffany & Co. display on 5th Avenue.

high-end shops of 5th Avenue

Rockefeller Center

Masonic Hall

  A very loud sadness and despair still hangs thick over the memorial for September 11 victims. That day has left an abyss in so many hearts and souls…

World Trade Center Memorial

And yet, you can always sense hope & compassion

The Gardens of Remembrance

I would like to dedicate this poem, to anyone who has ever lost their loved one…



Fly away, be free!

Find peace, taste the air of freedom and warm us with the morning sun! Kiss me goodnight with the moonlight on my wet cheeks.

When I’m falling, lend me one of your wings, so my soul won’t crash into pieces, that nobody wants anymore.

You will be flying amongst the strongest winds and swimming with the most powerful and brutal waves…

You won’t feel no pain, no sorrow, 

No blood or tears,

 No scars or fears.

When I’m lonely and scared, I ask you to lie down next to me and warm my cold hands with your loving breath.

If I give up, crashed by reality and forced onto the ground, shaking and bleeding — you just come and take me in your arms, healing me with your angelic whisper.

It will echo through my whole body, which will heal my heart and I’ll be saved.

At times when I’m happy and everything is good, still walk with me — taste my laughter, and my happiness. When it’s time for me to go — I’ll go…

Somewhere, beyond this time and my imagination, I’ll be given those wings of peace.

I promise we will fly again! Side by side, into freedom and happiness!

So when it’s time for me to go,

I’ll go …

© Elena Levon 2004


Heading to NYC from Staten Island

My favorite place in New York is The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

didn’t want to leave this room..

Meet Me at the MET ..

I went back to MET to soak up some Art for a few hours before my departure to Los Angeles


Nessus Abducting Deianira

One of the four elements of life ~ FIRE

Bust of woman. Roman mosaic artwork of the Imperial era.

” Student “

this probably would be my favorite room in the house ..

Medieval Italian wall fountain, MET.

it’s a shooting star…

I wish …



The following to be avoided at all costs ~


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 The woman behind the words …

” Memories “

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PS – I want to thank all of my readers for all of your support and kind comments on my “The Pursuit of Happiness” post!

Thank you for all of your love and encouragement! I’m a very lucky gal to have all of you in my life! All my love to you and yours,

EL xo