364 Valentine Days

by Lena

I thought this simple piece of paper in my office, my crazy handwriting & a phone camera to capture it all, was much more creative than a Hallmark card with glitter and sappy words all over it… besides, I don’t think Hallmark sells cards with the above statement..

I’m glad I don’t have tv since all I would be hearing these days is the commercial we all know well in US, that goes something like this; ” Every-kiss-begins-with-K .. “  yeah, whatever, so does Kinky-Kitty-Kat-Kamasutra! ( i just made that up )

On a more serious note,

I believe every kind of love, be it between two lovers, friends or family, should be celebrated daily! Instead we wait for them to ~

a) be more like so and so

and / or

b) stop doing or start doing so and so …

and then maybe, after that change, we can start loving them .. huh?

I would like to thank my Mr. Bond for continuing to celebrate our love 364 days, even though we have been together for a long time .. And I mean a long time! (longer than anyone could have ever imagined)

It’s been one hell of a ride and he’s still hanging on .. which is absolutely remarkable because with me, a year is like 10..

Mr. Bond, you are the luckiest man in the world and the unluckiest, at the same time..

I honestly don’t know how you manage to put up with me ( those peeps at CIA should give you a medal ) ,

but today I really want to thank you for …

oo7) Never letting my vases stand empty … ( and no, he doesn’t own a flower shop )

“Welcome home from Africa”

But he’s not the only one, who knows how to surprise …

Birthday surprise for Mr. Bond. He is 51 years young… ( July 2012)

Mr. Bond, Ms Levon & Bugsy, the dog.. NYE 2010

6) Whisking me away for romantic getaways that turn into amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventures ~ Costa Rica,

Watching Sunset in Costa Rica


New York, Utah

& California

Jonathan Club, Santa Monica 2010

San Francisco

5) Surprising me with delicious breakfasts, dinners and coffee in bed

Spring, morning, 7th day of the week, in a room # 7, turning 27 on 27th : )

4) Inviting me out to Nature instead of a shopping mall, sports bar or a ball game

watching sunset at San Simeon


always surprising me with notes, emails, texts, cards, great restaurants and tickets to see some of my favorite artists ~ Placido Domingo, B.B King, Carlos Santana, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, Sade, U2, Prince, Ballet performance from St. Petersburg, Bolshoi Ballet, Opera and countless Theater plays! You always surprise me with the most amazing gifts!

Mr. Bond and I, underneath the “Purple Rain” at a Prince concert

2) Making me laugh to the point of tears

Time flies when having rum & fun

being silly with me

Cafe Roma, Beverly Hills, 2011

China Town, Los Angeles


always encouraging my passions ( no matter how ridiculous they might seem to others ) and not standing in the way of my personal journey… even at those times when I choose to walk it solo.

“self-portrait”  Solo in Bali

Musing away

little one saying hello.. Ubud, Bali

solo in Zanzibar

Sahara sunrise, Morocco 2012

1) Thank you for holding my hand through the good and the bad, for helping me see a different shade of life, not just black or white,

for teaching me to be more patient with people and myself.

Thank you for being patient with me, not trying to change me and not trying to put me in a cage.


Thank you for giving us time apart while we enjoy doing what we love.

Thank you for being comfortable with silence..


We couldn’t be more different and I’ve never been good with plans or “future” ( am I spelling the word correctly? )


I want to thank you for Now and for being YOU.

Happy Anti-V day everyone!

I wish all of you 364 Valentine Days in your life!

…it’s ok to take a day off..

..but only 1


EL xo


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