Hot, Warm & Cold Colors of Colorado

by Lena

Beaver Creek

i’m such a kid sometimes

From Russia With Love ..

KGB secrets…

Had an amazing time in Colorado! Hiking…

Beware of a certain Russian spy On the Hanging Lake Trail..

This view was well worth the 3 hour hike ( to & back ) The Hanging Lake

Ice Skating in Beaver Creek, Having delicious s’mores  & hot chocolate with baileys by crackling sounds of fireplace, having fun with amazing people, then hiking some more…

The air in Colorado is unreal ! Could just stand there and breathe it … forever ! I wish I could just take it with me.. ( Beaver Creek )

The Hanging Lake

By The Spouting Rock …. ice, ice, baby ..

Usually you get to see only water or ice here. I was lucky that day to capture both at the same time…

freezing time by capturing moments & stunning nature… … this is what i saw …

driving through 5 states and back, laughing, negotiating a better amount on a speeding ticket, being embraced by the breathtaking sky full of shimmering stars and sharing all of it with the one I love. ( can’t post his picture … he works for CIA … all I can say is he’s name is …. Mr. Bond…  : )      Oh, almost forgot … skinny dipped in the snow …


I like to hike off the beaten path & create my own trails .. ( Beaver Creek )

Beaver Creek

This little girl was crying, she didn’t want to ski … and I couldn’t just walk by … I came up closer and started talking to her. I asked if I could take pictures of her cause I think she was very good… she agreed … wiped her tears and smiled for the camera… I asked her to teach me skiing since I’m not very good, so she began explaining to me how to do it.. while slowly making her way downhill to the rest of the group of kids in Vail… this time she did it with a big smile on her face for the camera .. Thank you Camilla, for teaching me how to ski & how to not give up … I am now perfecting the “pizza” move : )

Stubborn mountain rams stick together ..

Love to visit small beautiful towns, but could never live in one for too long… even if it’s a nice resort like this one..

Blue Bird, Blue Sky & his Blue Eyes …

breathe & be

what shuttle?! I’m European … we love to walk ..

Stayed at the lovely PINES LODGE IN BEAVER CREEK

self-portrait turned out to be “ghost like” with 2 different expressions at the same time… the magic of photography.. : )

Here’s a toast to a fantastic 2012!

sorry honey, but I think it’s a checkmate .. hope I didn’t hurt your ego too much .. : )

back to LA …