How to Walk with Lions, Bungee jump 111m, Hang on the edge of the most dangerous pool in the world, get in a fight with a Baboon in Zambia and survive.

by Lena

Don’t mess with Wild Cats .. wild belong in the wild …


“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and I was not happy” ~ E. Hemingway  ( neither have I .. )

  • Visited and made a donation attheLubasi Home for Children in Livingstone.

    Little angel Daniel.. ( he stole my heart ) how can he not? ..

    Children of Lubasi Home

  • If you would like to help these children in any way you can or volunteer, please visit their website   –>  LUBASI HOME  <–
  • WALKED WITH AFRICAN LIONS IN THE WILD  –> HERE <–  Young lions are walked in the bush to encourage survival skills and bush knowledge – essential developments to ensure their eventual release into the wild. They will also have a sponsorship program that will include a GPS tracking system that will allow you as a sponsor the ability to track your sponsored animal when it is released into the wild.

    foot massage anyone?

    Hi Lilly

    This would not be a good time to tell me that we’re breaking up…

    Crime Of Passion

     One of the lions ~ Lilly got frisky with me;

  • after about 2 minutes this ROAR was facing my face …

    but it was my mistake and I take full responsibility!!… ( you’re supposed to always let them know that it is YOU behind them … I forgot for a moment; stopped brushing my hand through her coat then my hair or my hand touched her ear, so she reminded me with a laud Lion Roar, several inches away from my face, that she is a Wild Animal, after all who acts on Instincts ) we reconciled shortly after and SHE took me on an amazing, once in a life time walk around her kingdom. —

    Lilly is taking me for a walk : )

    Wild souls, belong in the wild and even though other couple from Colorado, USA who were walking with me, almost pooped their pants, I got even closer to Lions, Simba and Lilly and enjoyed this out of this world experience!


    Hey! That’s not nice!

    How many cats in this picture?

    with White Lion, Simba

    Here, by their side, I felt true peace and my whole being was calm, happy and home.

    Goodbye Simba and Lilly… Stay Free..

    With Victoria Falls as a backdrop, this is arguably the best bungee jump in the world, with a 111 meters plummet towards the Zambezi River.

    He asked me what would be my last words .. I said ” I had an amazing life ! ” ..

    I was 51 kilo at the time of my jump and I was 14th to fly that morning ..

  • I met my soul sister Irina, who’s life story, path, priorities and character are very similar to my own and with whom we were finishing each other sentences.. after only knowing one another for a few days. We bungee jumped on the same day and decided that we are going to explore Morocco in the near future together..

    asked jump master to say ” Freedom! ” on the countdown instead of the usual ” Bungee! “…. 3, 2, 1, FREEDOM!

    … Time has stopped, just the sound of wind, stunning beauty of nature, freedom, PEACE and Happiness!


    Jumped from Zambia, but returning from Zimbabwe … this famous jump lives in the ZIM / ZAM – not in Zambia or Zimbabwe, it’s in the no man’s land .. can’t wait to do it again .. 111 m was perfect for a first jump … but next time want to jump twice the height

  • Baboon at Victoria Falls Park wasthesneakiest creature I’ve ever met!

    Hey there Sneak!

    I had to get in a fight with her, cause she stole my bag… I made an exchange  — thrown her a bag of bananas, then she let go of my bag with my money and passport. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. We put on a real show and should have charged everyone who was watching the whole fiasco. Then she climbed on the roof of the near by house and quickly ate all of MY bananas.

    I hope you’re enjoying MY bananas!

    I’m sure someone has pictures of this show, since everything in the Park stopped and EVERYONE was watching.

  • Went to the Devil’s Pool: The Most Dangerous Pool In The World. It is created each year at the fringes of Victoria Falls, when the dry season reduces water levels to create what has been likened to the ultimate infinity pool.
  • It was just me, another guy, Stephen from New Zealand (who’s girlfriend refused to join him on this hot but exiting adventure ) and a guide, who asked me if I can swim when we came to a spot where you HAVE TO swim to get to the Pool. I said ” yes I can “, got in the water and kicked both of their asses with my freestyle technique : )  ( that’s years of training at the “Dinamo ” sport club in Moscow for ya.. )

    On the edge of Victoria Falls in the Devil’s Pool

  • I couldn’t believe I was at the edge of the gorgeous Victoria Falls surrounded by stunning nature and colorful rainbows , sounds of thundering waters, about to jump in the most dangerous pool in the world and then hang right on the edge of death with 100 m drop! Wow! What a feeling that was!






    If I ever do decide to get married someday ( well, who knows, crazier things have happened ) I want it to be in some place like this one! No napkins with our initials!!, millions of dollars wedding, No Hawaii beach chairs with rose pedals, there will be no Vera Wang or any other couture dress ( I’m getting married, NOT the dress ! ) and all other stupid nonsense that was shoved down our throats with stories like Cinderella, where everyone lived happily ever after! No thanks! I pass on happily ever after! I want a REAL life! Not a fairytale one! It’ll be just him, me ( and anyone else who’s brave enough ) saying ” I do’s or I don’t’ s ” then jumping in the water or something similar to this.. ( you’re more than welcome to steal this idea… live a little ! )

    Devilish Rainbows

  • Wondered around the Victoria Falls park and gazed upon stunning Nature!

    “On sights as beautiful as this, Angels in their flight must have gazed” – David Livingstone

  • Said goodbye to a wonderful lady in town, from whom I always bought my bananas while I was in Livingstone. She is a mute and with a newly born, everyday on the same place by the road. I came there to buy last bananas, take her picture and give her dollars for my bananas that I won’t be able to buy tomorrow… I wanted to remember her… However our slippery and aging minds sometimes forget, but I didn’t want mine to ever forget HER… that’s why I took this picture.  I tried to explain to her ( with my hands ) that it was my last day and that I’m flying home. She looked at me with sad eyes, then smiled, took my hand and squeezed it hard and placed her other hand over it. I said goodbye to her and her tiny baby, turned around and made my last walk to my hotel … that’s when I felt hot and salty tears running down my cheeks.

Africa really does change you.. if you let it…

My beautiful ” Welcome Home ” surprise… October  2011