Getting lost & Stepping over the Victoria Peak railing in Hong Kong.

by Lena

The Good Wish Garden

                                                  ” Lost in Translation “

I didn’t think it was possible for a person to get lost so many times… I was wrong. I should name this trip as ” Lost in Hong Kong ” This mighty giant has swallowed me whole. It’s a fast paced, fast talking, fast moving force! It’s busy, strong, glossy, mindful, tall, spiral, forceful, polished, spiritual, sleepless, rough and smooth all in one. Just getting lost in Yin and Yang of it all.

  • Made a wish at The Wish Temple

    Wish Temple

  • Was lost about 100 times

    Busy streets of Hong Kong

  • Fortune teller told me I need to polish my communication skills

    My fortune

  • Got a bracelet for “luck”, shortly after ATM machine ate my Credit Card ( I kept wondering if they forgot to tell me that it was in fact a “bad luck” bracelet )
  • Explored Hong Kong Metro

    HK metro

  • Had an amazing evening at the “Felix” in The Peninsula Hotel with stunning views
  • Witnessed a ceremony for the dead in Central

    Ceremony for the dead. ( helping souls go to heaven )

  • Visited art gallery
  • Wondered the streets without particular destination


  • Stepped over the railing at The Peak( the feeling is indescribable! )

    The Peak

    “oh, I’m sorry officer, I didn’t see that tiny sign at the bottom..”

    One must always attempt to conquer his fears, regardless of the outcome… ( Could’ve been a great last shot .. don’t try this at home ) 

    September 2010