by Lena

                                                               ” The City ” 

I love this City! ~ Wind, Rides, Chocolate, Champagne, Fireworks, Walking Hills in Heels..

  • Had brunch and dinner at the Oldest Restaurant in California ; Tadich Grill and met a true Zen Master – the most amazing waiter in the world – Mr. Barry. I have never seen anything like it! I would come in here just to watch Him! He has spoiled me and ruined it for all other waiters.
  • Spend New Years at the Carnelian Room (52nd floor) , overlooking the whole city. It closed for good that night after being open for 40 years.
  •  Ice skated in downtown
  • Went on a bike ride to Berkeley
  • Danced in the middle of the street in the drum circle
  • Beautiful train ride back to LA

2009 – 2010