Runaway Bride aka Catch Me If You Can.

by Lena

                                ” Pirates, Mayhem, Madness, Reggae and Rum “

Pirrrating nights away in Barbados! It is a true paradise! Everyone is dancing with life here, from young to old, from dusk till dawn. It’s an absolutely gorgeous Island with very kind, friendly, fun and happy people. Can’t wait to visit again!



  • Galloping on a gorgeous horse along the beautiful white sand beach at sunset
  • Throwing jet ski instructor off the jet ski ( he said it was a first for him )
  • Almost married someone who lives there ( yes, I’m the real life “Runaway bride” … good luck, catching me once I’m on that horse !  )
  • Ate breadfruit and coconuts on a secluded beach, cooked by a local fisherman who happened to sail by
  • Got offered marijuana several times right on the beach, by a souvenir seller
  • Skinny dipped in stunning turquoise water with turtles swimming near by
  • Celebrated Christmas and New Years
  • Danced until sunrise

Nov. 2007 – Jan. 2008