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Lens Will Always Tell The Truth


I make love to life…

I have no regrets…

All that will be left of me is my passion… All that will be remembered is my dance…

All that will matter is that I loved… All those things will travel on…

They will gallop on dusty roads of eternity into the hearts of those, who are brave enough to let go of fear, who will strip their souls raw and breathe passion into their veins…


Here’s some of the photographs that were taken of me in the past months…

in Papua New Guinea, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia… just to name a few …

Where I was the first white woman to have danced topless with tribes at Madang Festival in Papua New Guinea

It was an honor to be there that day and dance with other half-naked women, who were rubbing off paint onto my body with their bodies and giving me tribal jewellery as gifts. Locals were thanking me for becoming part of their culture. People in Papua New Guinea are incredible! Even though local press put a very negative spin on my actions… the lens tells the truth of what happened that day.

This moment was captured by the most fearless and passionate photographer I know —  Dmitriy Komarov of

We also got to live in a remote village with local tribe with no electricity or running water and got to contribute our money and time directly to locals and their community, instead of some wealthy Chinese resort owner.








The stories will soon follow… I promise…

In the meantime, you can check out some of the latest works in front of the camera, from the past months and years on my site —


And yes… after years of ignoring it, I finally succumbed…

I’m on Instagram…



Would like to share with you my travel plans for this year, if any of you, 26.000 + souls in 190 something countries, who are following me here, would like to work together or just want to meet up for a cup of coffee, dark rum or an extra dirty gin martini, let me know…









GREECE (TBD) — will be shooting an independent feature film on Greek Islands.




USA (OCTOBER for 3 weeks max and only in New York and Los Angeles areas)









Due to overwhelming amount of spam, (over 200k spam comments) I have decided to disable the comment section. Thank you to those who have left a piece of your soul on this site. Thank you for all the thousands of comments and hundreds of emails. Thank you for your truth.

Thank you for your support, love and laughter. Thank you for the joy you brought to me. Hope I am able to do the same for you. Hope the work that will be published here, continue inspiring all of you, my dear readers, from all the corners of our beautiful world – From an 18 year-old Indian girl, who was inspired to leave her home country and pursue her dreams , to a 50-something year old woman, who is battling a serious illness and wants to try a more natural approach to healing. 

All of you, are my inspiration. And all of your emails, “thank you” notes, poems and artwork, worth more than all the fame and riches in the world.
You may still share my work that will be published here, on any social media sites and contact me directly through the contact form.

Let there always be a road…


Inside A Soft Cocoon Of Infinite Silence


“If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial. If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked. If you want to become full, let yourself be empty. If you want to be reborn, let yourself die. If you want to be given everything, give everything up.” ~ Tao Te Ching


27. 09 . 16 Chiang Mai, Thailand


Steve – I had a premonition about you before you came here. I was actually very exited to meet you and expecting someone who people call “chica loca” or someone very upbeat and passionate .. but not what I saw. You were in some sort of “soft cocoon” when I picked you up. You were silent and did not talk much at all. And when I asked you what you need, you replied you “needed nothing” and I said yes, when you need nothing, you realize you have everything…

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Infinite Nothingness


Hello my loves,

I hope these lines find you at peace, in love and in good health. I exist inside a very interesting time of my life right now. I’m in Thailand… but that’s only geography, really…

The silent place where my soul is has no name.

For the first time in my life, nothing really matters, like it used to.

It just is…

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