Goodbye 2014!

Grand Cayman is probably the most overrated Island I’ve ever been on… it’s fake.. it’s boring… it’s way too expensive for what you get!

the only exiting thing on that overcrowded 7 mile beach, was my naked booty running into water. (middle finger to all you snobs! this is not a Muslim country! And even in some Muslim countries, you’re allowed to be topless, near hotels or on public beaches, like in Turkey)

I even tried to get away from all the packs of spoiled kids, infants with silver spoons, boring, fat, spoiled American travelers, who love “all-inclusive resorts” so that their asses get even huger, cruise ship “sheep-travelers” and dogs.

I took a car for 20-30 minutes towards the East. So-called “secluded” Spotts beach was better than 7 mile, but still had too much going on such a small sand radius – a national security, a family of 5 with a “silver-spoon” screaming infant, a dog and a couple of drunk teenagers…

I found a small area in the bushes, where I finally managed to hide from the whole craziness and just breathe… however water is not as great for swimming as it is on 7 mile beach.

It’s a prison for the wealthy, with national security everywhere, horrible drinks, served in plastic cups at the beach restaurants, even at The Ritz!

Absolutely inaccessible without a car and everything shuts down early. Skip this place and instead go to Zanzibar, Barbados or Alanya – 3-4 times cheaper, 100 times more beautiful and 1000 times more fun!

THE ONLY reason to go to Cayman, is if you are a horse person or an avid diver.

Galloping on the beach bareback was the true highlight and joy of this Island for me…

2014 hasn’t been easy.. it brought me a lot of heartache, but it also brought me buckets of joy & happiness.

I’m forever grateful to all my close souls in this crazy life, who lift me up, when my wings get too heavy…

Wishing all of my close friends, loyal readers of this site and your loved ones, great health, light and happiness in 2015!

Will be saying my farewell to 2014 in Cuba…

(My Dear Eddie, my friend, my family, my teacher, my inspiration… I will love you forever!) (i will write about this, when i get back from Cuba)



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