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Trains, Caves & Olive Oil

 23.elena levon photography alberobello italy  - 23After Greece it was time for

Roller-coaster Trains, Caveman-like Caves and Orgasmic Olive Oil…

This is Italy ~ Off The Beaten Path…

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The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Greek

04.elena levon photography blue hour greece athens patras acropolis live in athens apartments - 04

Proud, passionate, honest & free…

welcome to the Greek Soul…

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Russian Extreme

In one of the msot coldest Russian winters in 50 years... 2.485 miles above ground... My first jump in my life out of the perfectly good airplane...

Russian Soul would not be complete without the Russian Extreme. They are like Yin and Yang.

Welcome to Russia ~ The Land Of Extremes…

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Russian Soul

15.elena levon photography moscow russia - 15

I’m a hot-blooded, métis woman of uncertain age.

Who is a nomadic, chaotic and at times dysfunctional home, to a fragile, Russian Soul ~ Full of flaws, absurdities, contradictions, insecurities and vulnerability. Brave, honest, compassionate and all or nothing. Often disagreeable, sometimes selfish and incredibly stubborn. But above all, it’s a soul that will never have a price and the one, a Foreigner will never fully understand.

In my opinion, the above paragraph summarizes The Great Russian Soul to a T. However, being Russian, myself, I would like to take you on a little journey…

A journey, into the core of this mysterious soul. One, that often hides, behind the curtains of obvious …

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Catalonia, Te Adoro

elena levon photography catalonia barcelona sitges montserrat  - 23

Before Mr. Bond and I decided that we want to stay in Barcelona for 10 days, our friend said “Are you crazy? 10 days is too much time for Barcelona, all you need is 2-3 days! oh and make sure you use one of those cool tour buses that take you to all must see places!”

Thanks Ron!

Obviously, he has no idea what he’s talking about! You simply cannot see the real Barcelona with its local secrets and surrounding beauty in only 3 days!

I wasn’t even able to do that! But was lucky enough to dance with it for those beautiful, unforgettable 10 days…

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Sheltering Sky

elena levon photography tangier - 2

 Two shared taxis and a couple of hours later, me and Lisa finally arrived in Tangier.

She was just passing through it, but I was going to stay for another 2 days.

Lisa booked her overnight train ride and we got a cab to take us to my Riad.

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15.Elena Levon Photography Chefchaouen - 15

Maya ~ The supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusions.

To me, that’s what Chefchaouen is…

It’s a place with no time, it’s a place where your imagination gets to run free.

A place where nothing is what it seems.

Like a chameleon…

Walls of this city changes colors, as morning turns into day and day dissolves into night…

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from google images

from google images


Wanted to do this for my 30th, but I’m too impatient… ( giggle )

When my heart is set on something, it’s hard to reason with it…

Yes, I’m a rebel! But a rebel with a cause…

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Fes, Morocco

Fes, Morocco

Must admit – I love trains!

For me, it’s the most sensual way of travel.

I always find myself being taken by the sound of the tracks, the scenery and the fascinating stories that trains hold…

It’s a place where I feel like the road doesn’t have to end. That this life on the road is both, my salvation and my curse…

My friend once said;

” You will always be everywhere and nowhere ” – D.P.

He might be right.

However, even 1 second of being lost in this ecstasy, is worth the whole damn eternity in nowhere…

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People ~ The Greatest Gift Of My Journey


This was going to be another last post on Marrakech, before my departure to Fes…

But since I hate goodbyes, decided to make this post about the true reason many of us pack our life in a backpack and leave behind our loved ones, security and comforts of home…

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