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They say that childhood forms us, that those early influences are the key to everything. Is the peace of the soul so easily won? Simply the inevitable result of a happy childhood. What makes childhood happy? Parental harmony? Good health? Security? Might not a happy childhood be the worst possible preparation for life? Like leading a lamb to the slaughter.


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“The only sign of success in life, is when you’re able to do things that make you happy. I am truly happy. When human lives with intense passion, when he loves many things and let’s life envelope them in it’s thorns of agony and ecstasy, such soul has nothing to fear… not even death.” ~ Elena Levon
“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” ~  Franz Kafka

Some of the things that were said to me in my life;

“…and you, Elena, are The Walker of Dreams.” – Martin Shone, American Poet

“You don’t have to go through pain and suffering” – Steven Soderbergh

“I can never forget those lips” – Quentin Tarantino

“Never stop learning” – Mickey Rourke

“You are the pure energy of all elements rolled into one” – Russian Author

“God Blessed us all, for the Gift that is you!” – Eddie Rouse

“Elena, This was what it is all about! You are very special to me. You are a true Renaissance woman.” – Robert Farber

“You have that thing, you know.” – Lionel Richie

“Bring it on!” – Brad Pitt

“You remind me of me, when I was your age” – Laurence Fishburne

“Thank you for also wearing a long dress, now I don’t feel so awkward” – Dame Julie Andrews

“You’re very beautiful” – B.B King

“Elena, your beauty is freedom. You are the 8th wonder of the world.” – M.N



  31 years”
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1. Born a month early & took my first breath in Moscow, Russia. 2.  I will always be against wars! I am pro PEACE & LOVE for our beautiful universe and for all souls. 3. I am proud to have ARMENIAN & RUSSIAN blood running through my veins. I am proud to be a descendant of such rich, ancient, beautiful and powerful civilization, such as Armenia. I’m bilingual – Russian and English & owner of 2 passports. My last name Levon means “Lion”, it was my grandfather’s first name and my fathers middle name. 4. Raised by never married, separately living parents and a lot of other different people, ranging from a couple of relatives to total strangers in different countries. Whoever had the time and wished to take care of me, I was theirs for sometime… my bags were always packed. My father, died of cancer when I turned 18. I was born with palmar & plantar Hyperhidrosis and have also been healing myself from a very “exiting” bouquet of other horrible health problems. But no matter what life throws at me, I will always dance!

5.  I have been gifted with an amazingly patient and stubborn man, who goes by the name of Mr. Bond & countless loving people and families on my travels around the world, whom I consider my family.  6. Came to USA alone at 19 with only 1k in my pocket. I’m a Cultural Chameleon, but not a spy ( so stop asking7. Love being on the road with as less stuff as possible & embrace solo travel. 8. Passionate about Life, travel, cinema, photography & writingWhat’s Your Passion? 9. Believe in Compassion & Giving back 10. Not good with planning, but know how to Travel The World on the cheap  and got rid of my “bucket list” & TV (best decision I’ve made after quitting smoking)

11. Left my heart in Cuba, Cori, Zanzibar, Catalonia, and  Morocco, however don’t ever want to go back to Las Vegas or to the worst hotel in Morocco. 12. Bungee jumped 111m, Walked with Lions & swam in the most Dangerous Pool in The World 13. Met 42nd President of the United States & had my hand kissed by a Prince  (not the singer… although that would have been nice too) 14. Traveled by crazy Kenyan Matatus , and hopped on Boda-Boda’s in Uganda. 15. Tangled up with a Python 16. Danced with a Cobra 17. Got up, close and personal with monkeys in Bali. 18. Zip-lined  in Costa Rica

19. Almost got married several times and one of them was to a beautiful woman ~ I fall in love with a soul, not gender. 20. Worked on a few Hollywood films. I model internationally (clothed & nude) 

21. A true Minimalist ~ My closet is always half empty, because I recycle clothes and donate them & love to spend money in thrift stores. Buying hundreds or thousands of dollars stuff in order to look classy, stylish and expensive won’t work, if you don’t know how to wear a 20 dollar dress and look like a million bucks  22. Got really close to Gorillas in The Mist 23. Persuaded a manager of the bank to open it on a Sunday morning in Zanzibar24. What I love ; coffee, Frank Sinatra,  Juliette Binoche, dancing, black color, people watching, Honest Films, ARTIST’S, antiques and vintage everything.. the older the better (please someone find the time machine already!). Not a big fan of shopping & beauty salons — do my own hair, nails and make up, thank you very much.

 25. Quit smoking “cold turkey” in 2008 after smoking for 10 years and have been smoke free ever since. (however, I do miss a good cigar sometimes) December 2014: relapsed in Cuba.. (how can you not smoke in Cuba?!) July 2015: quit again cold turkey, probably for another 6 years or so : ) 26. Stepped over the railing at“The Peak” in Hong Kong.

27. Have 0 interest in having a “normal life”. Abnormal is normal for me. I’m the one who swims against the tide. You will never see me wearing those shoes with red soles. 28. Spent my 28th Birthday in the highest dunes of Sahara, survived sandstorm at Giza Pyramids & visited Cleopatra’s wedding gift. Saw one of the best Flamenco performances in the world. Traveled through and lived in Morocco. Shared food with a Nomad family in the desert. Experienced a contact high in Chefchaouen & stayed at the WORST hotel in the world. Explored Tangier with a French writer and was invited to a home of a descendant of Russian Nobility. Fell in love with Catalonia. Lived in Moscow for 3 months after 9 years of absence. Experienced Russian Extreme. Cut and donated 17 inches of my curls to charity.

29. Tasted freedom of the Greek Soul. Slept in a Cave. Tried to Be Italian. Rocked it front row at the Pet Shop Boys concert in Barcelona. Police officer in Venice stopped the train for me. With the help of museum security skipped the line to see David. Lived in a villa next to George Clooney in Laglio, Como. Got drenched inside one of the main fountains in Como & partied like a rock star. Swam topless in South of France. Ran under the rain in Paris. Got in a fight with Russian mobsters at a strip club in Saint Petersburg. Slept in a Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, experienced voodoo healing in Bali and frolicked in youth in Kuala Lumpur. 30. Made a clear and well-thought-out choice / decision, to live my life child-free.  Became a frequent guest of The McKittrick Hotel, where I had a chance to completely succumb to debauchery, music, art, dance and chaos at “studio 54-like parties”.

Stepped on 5th Continent and visited Swingers Club for the first time in Argentina. Was at Obelisk on 13th of July.  Rode horses bareback, stood naked after sauna under the milky way and left a big part of my heart at “El Galope” in Uruguay. Spent a day at the only UNESCO site in Paraguay. Became a true Amazon Woman. Lost my best friend, my family, my teacher, my inspiration – The Great, Eddie Rouse – Actor, Musician, Poet, Artist, The Legend. Galloped bareback on the beach and swam with a horse in the Caribbean. 31. Became local and was called “my second mother” by a child in Cuba.

Returned 14k watch to a drunken asshole.  Shooting a film around the world. Stepped on 6th continent, slept under the stars and skinny-dipped at one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, greeted 2016  barefoot on the pirate ship, on Sydney Harbor and mouth-fed cracker to a wild Kangaroo.




What matters at the end of the day are not things. Life is about shared moments of laughter, joy, love and everything in between, with people from all corners of our world. It’s about creating yourself, discovering the world around us and helping each other along the way. And it’s also about dancing while the music is being played…       


I am fearless, limitless and full of love. I travel the world, with love in my soul for every soul, nature and creature on this planet. I am not and never will be part of this current “way” of consumerism, fear, hatred and guilt. Things and Governments don’t own me, my mind or my soul! Never will. Not governed by any entity, religion, symbol or man. I will not bow to any man-made myth! I refuse to worship anyone/anything. I stand alone. I am a permanent nomad, (traveling/living/creating around the world), artist, creative soul and a minimalist. I represent no particular country and no particular ideology.


Fear Is Not Real

Seek Your Own Truth


Break Free


True story, Word of Honor:

Joseph Heller, an important and funny writer now dead, and I were at a party given by a billionaire on Shelter Island. I said, “Joe, how does it make you feel to know that our host only yesterday may have made more money than your novel ‘Catch-22’ has earned in its entire history?” And Joe said, “I’ve got something he can never have.” And I said, “What on earth could that be,  Joe?” And Joe said, “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.” Not bad! Rest in peace!” —  Kurt Vonnegut

 I write about my journey, with all its heartbreak, passion, humor & joy. This is a memoir. All the juicy and really naughty parts are going into the print version.

   Let There Always Be A Road…




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They say that childhood forms us, that those early influences are the key to everything. Is the peace of the soul so easily won? Simply the inevitable result of a happy childhood. What makes childhood happy? Parental harmony? Good health? Security? Might not a happy childhood be the worst possible preparation for life? Like leading a lamb to the slaughter.


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